How to Play Hand and Foot: Step-by-Step Instructions for Beginners

If you’re looking for an exciting card game to play with your friends and family, hand and foot is a great choice. It’s a variation of canasta that requires strategy, teamwork, and a bit of luck. In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to play hand and foot, including the rules, objectives, and some tips for beginners.

Understanding the Basics

Hand and foot is typically played with four players divided into two teams. You will need four regular decks of cards (including jokers) shuffled together to form one large deck. Each player will receive two piles of cards – a “hand” pile and a “foot” pile.

Objectives of the Game

The main objective in hand and foot is to score points by forming melds (sets or runs) of cards and getting rid of all the cards in your hand and foot piles. A meld consists of three or more cards of the same rank or consecutive ranks in the same suit.

Gameplay Rules

To start the game, each player is dealt two piles of eleven cards each – their hand pile. The remaining cards are placed face-down in the center to form the draw pile. Players take turns drawing from either the draw pile or the discard pile.

The game progresses in rounds known as “books.” A book begins when one player goes out by playing all their cards from both their hand and foot piles. The other players then have one final turn before counting up their scores.

During each turn, a player must first draw two cards from either the draw or discard pile. They can then create melds by laying down sets or runs on their team’s side of the table. Once they have made at least one meld, they can lay down additional cards on existing melds or add new melds to the table.

Tips for Beginners

Communication is key: Hand and foot is a team game, so make sure to communicate with your partner about your strategy and the cards you have in your hand and foot piles.

Prioritize melding: It’s important to meld cards as soon as possible to free up space in your hand and foot piles. Look for opportunities to create sets or runs and lay them down on the table.

Keep an eye on the discard pile: The discard pile can be a valuable resource, especially if it contains cards that you need for your melds. Pay attention to what your opponents are discarding and don’t hesitate to pick up useful cards from the pile.

Plan ahead: As you play, try to anticipate which cards are still available in the draw or discard piles. This will help you make strategic decisions about which cards to keep in your hand and foot piles.

In conclusion, hand and foot is an enjoyable card game that offers hours of entertainment for both beginners and experienced players alike. By understanding the basics, objectives, and gameplay rules outlined in this article, you’ll be ready to dive into this exciting game with confidence. Just remember to communicate with your partner, prioritize melding, keep an eye on the discard pile, and plan ahead for success.

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