Puttshack Pittsburgh: The Perfect Venue for Corporate Team Building and Events

Are you looking for an exciting and unique venue to host your next corporate team building event? Look no further than Puttshack Pittsburgh. With its innovative technology, immersive experience, and versatile event spaces, Puttshack Pittsburgh is the ideal destination for companies looking to foster teamwork, collaboration, and fun.

Revolutionizing Mini Golf with Cutting-Edge Technology

At Puttshack Pittsburgh, traditional mini golf meets state-of-the-art technology. Say goodbye to the mundane putting greens of the past and get ready for an immersive and interactive experience like no other. Each hole at Puttshack is equipped with advanced tracking systems that use sensors and cameras to detect the movement of your ball. This innovative technology not only enhances gameplay but also provides players with real-time feedback on their skills.

The Unique Blend of Fun and Competition

One of the main reasons why Puttshack Pittsburgh stands out as a corporate team building venue is its ability to strike a perfect balance between fun and competition. The interactive scoring system keeps track of every player’s score throughout the game, creating a healthy competitive atmosphere that encourages teams to work together towards achieving their best scores. This friendly rivalry fosters communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills among employees.

Flexible Event Spaces to Suit Your Needs

Puttshack Pittsburgh boasts flexible event spaces that can accommodate groups of all sizes. Whether you’re planning a small team outing or a large corporate event, there’s a space that fits your needs perfectly. From private rooms equipped with cutting-edge AV systems for presentations or workshops to spacious lounges for networking and socializing, Puttshack has it all covered.

The dedicated events team at Puttshack Pittsburgh will work closely with you to customize your event according to your specific requirements. They will assist in planning every detail from menu selection to décor options, ensuring that your corporate team building event is a memorable and seamless experience.

Unforgettable Food and Drink Options

No corporate event is complete without delicious food and refreshing drinks. Puttshack Pittsburgh offers an extensive menu featuring a variety of mouthwatering dishes, perfect for fueling your team’s energy. From tasty appetizers to gourmet main courses, there’s something for everyone.

The bar at Puttshack Pittsburgh serves an impressive selection of craft beers, signature cocktails, and fine wines. Whether you’re celebrating a successful team-building activity or simply want to unwind after a challenging game, the bar has you covered.


Puttshack Pittsburgh is more than just a mini golf venue; it’s a one-of-a-kind destination for corporate team building events. With its cutting-edge technology, fun yet competitive gameplay, versatile event spaces, and delectable food and drink options, Puttshack Pittsburgh provides everything you need to create an unforgettable experience for your employees. So why settle for traditional team-building activities when you can take it up a notch with Puttshack Pittsburgh? Book your event today and watch as your team bonds over friendly competition and endless fun.

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