Six Months Later: What Have We Learned During Shelter-in-Place?

Photo Courtesy: Klaus Vedfelt/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Remember back in March and April when we thought we'd be dealing with another month, maybe two, of sheltering in place, of working from home, of sticking only to quick trips out to buy food and attend essential appointments? Now, as we reflect back on those times — perhaps even with a tinge of longing for the days before we were fully aware of how daunting and deadly the novel coronavirus is — many of us may find ourselves searching for a silver lining. That's not at all to trivialize the lives lost or the economic impact of the virus, but to serve as a coping mechanism to help us process the utter unprecedented-ness of it all. And focusing on what we’ve gained while honoring what we’ve lost may actually help us weather the COVID storm.

The pandemic has brought the world to an unparalleled standstill, but it's also brought us together in ways we couldn’t have imagined. We've perfected staying connected, and we’ve (hopefully) developed a greater appreciation for keeping each other safe and helping each other out. So what will we carry into the future once the pandemic subsides, a vaccine arrives and we adapt to another new normal of a post-COVID (or healthily-coexisting-with-COVID) world? These are some of the most important lessons from sheltering in place that'll continue to serve us after we've rounded the bend of this global turning point.