The Top 10 Most Valuable Ty Beanie Babies of All Time

Ty Beanie Babies have become a beloved collectible item for many over the years. These adorable stuffed animals captured the hearts of both children and adults alike. While most Beanie Babies are cherished for sentimental reasons, there are some that have gained significant value in the collectibles market. In this article, we will explore the top 10 most valuable Ty Beanie Babies of all time.

Princess Diana Beanie Baby

One of the most sought-after and valuable Ty Beanie Babies is the Princess Diana bear. This iconic bear was released in memory of Princess Diana, who tragically passed away in 1997. The Princess Diana Beanie Baby features a deep purple body with a white rose embroidered on its chest and an elegant white ribbon around its neck. Due to its limited production and high demand from collectors worldwide, this particular Beanie Baby can fetch prices upwards of several thousand dollars.

Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant

Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant is another highly valuable Ty Beanie Baby that has captured the attention of collectors. Originally, Peanut was produced with a light blue color fabric, but a small number were mistakenly made with a royal blue hue. These rare royal blue versions have become incredibly scarce and therefore extremely valuable to collectors. If you happen to come across one of these elusive Peanut elephants in your collection, you could be looking at a substantial sum if you decide to sell.

Valentino Bear

The Valentino Bear is widely recognized as one of the most iconic Ty Beanie Babies ever released. This adorable stuffed animal features rich red fur with a white heart-shaped patch on its chest. What makes Valentino particularly valuable is not only its popularity but also some unique variations that exist within this design. For example, there are versions with misspelled tags or rare manufacturing errors that make them highly sought-after by collectors. Owning one of these rare Valentino Bears can be a lucrative investment for any Beanie Baby enthusiast.

Claude the Crab

Claude the Crab is another Ty Beanie Baby that has gained significant value over time. Released in 1997, this little crustacean quickly became a favorite among collectors due to its vibrant tie-dye colors and unique design. However, what makes Claude particularly valuable is its limited edition Canadian version. The Canadian Claude has distinctive red eyes instead of the black eyes found in the regular release. This small difference makes the Canadian Claude highly sought-after and can command high prices in the collectibles market.


While most Ty Beanie Babies hold sentimental value for their owners, there are some that have become incredibly valuable in the world of collectibles. The Princess Diana bear, Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant, Valentino Bear, and Claude the Crab are just a few examples of highly sought-after Beanie Babies that can fetch substantial sums from collectors. If you happen to have any of these rare finds in your collection, you may be holding onto a valuable treasure indeed.

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