Your Whole Family Can Enjoy These Virtual Museum Visits From the Couch

Photo Courtesy: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, governments and institutions across the globe are looking to mitigate further transmission by reinstating mandatory lockdowns like those we first experienced last spring. While navigating these changes, many art museums and tourist attractions reopened, and then re-closed, and local and international travel restrictions are once again keeping many museum-goers and tourists at home. While these policies have been implemented in everyone’s best interest and to keep everyone safe, they’re also putting a damper on many families’ winter plans.

Fortunately, museums are finding unique ways to keep would-be guests engaged — and their offerings are particularly ideal for families to enjoy together during Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season. From virtual tours to meditative livestreams, here are the wonderful works of art and exhibitions your family can enjoy on a cozy holiday afternoon from the comfort of your couch together — or even apart during a distanced digital gathering.