Here's Why Discovery+ Is the New Must-Have Streaming Service

Photo Courtesy: Rommel Demano/Getty Images; Discovery+

When it comes to enjoying quality television shows and movies, the more the merrier. Established services like Hulu, Disney+ and Apple TV+ continue to increase their offerings while new platforms, like NBC’s Peacock to the short-lived Quibi (R.I.P.), will periodically join the fray. Thanks to the "streaming wars", Netflix has some serious competition.

While we love options, it can also feel a bit like networks are simply reinventing the wheel. In this case, ditching your cable package for half a dozen streaming services doesn’t exactly feel liberating. However, another serious streaming contender, Discovery+, threw its name in the figurative ring in January 2021. Featuring everything from House Hunters and 90 Day Fiance to Shark Week and exclusive content, can Discovery+ carve out a niche of its own?