What Is “MasterClass” — and Why Is It the Perfect At-Home Rabbit Hole?

Photo Courtesy: John Lamparski/Getty Images

In the wake of the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, big-name companies have announced that employees can work from home indefinitely, and many colleges and schools are leaning into online learning as a long-term solution or option — not just a quick-fix Band-Aid. In terms of entertainment, there are more streaming platforms than ever, and actors, musicians, comedians, and other creatives are continuing to take their projects and performances to virtual venues. 

What's become clear? Technology can be used to democratize access to employment, education and, yes, even entertainment. And at the intersection of virtual learning and entertainment, you’ll find MasterClass.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a "how to" tutorial on YouTube, or are looking for ways to pick up a new hobby or skill, then MasterClass is probably for you. So, what is it? Essentially, experts in their fields provide a series of well-produced lessons to help you master their crafts. But the entertainment factor, which is what really sets the platform apart from other online classroom environments, is what makes MasterClass courses endlessly watchable.