Take a Break From Screens With These Incredibly Immersive Audio Drama Podcasts

Photo Courtesy: @Qcodemedia/Twitter

These days, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we’re all home a lot more often — and we’re finding ways to work, connect and entertain ourselves, largely with the help of screens. Whether you’re hopping onto a Zoom happy hour with friends, queueing up another series on Netflix or diving into an Instagram scroll, you’re probably looking at screens way more often than you would if you could get out and explore.

Sure, wearing blue light-filtering glasses, using eye drops and making adjustments to your monitor settings and lighting are all great moves, but nothing does the trick for eye strain and headaches more than taking a screen break. Don’t know how you’ll entertain yourself without a TV? We’ve got you covered — in fact, we’ve delved into quite a few incredible audio drama podcasts that are just as absorbing and immersive as any TV show or movie.

For those who are new to audio dramas, these aren’t your average comedian-with-a-podcast shows. Thanks to incredible voice talent, impeccable sound design and production, and stellar writing, these pods create visceral worlds and memorable characters — and deliver them straight to your headphones. From the surreal or comedic to your next sci-fi or crime thriller obsession, these fiction audio dramas are some of our favorites.