Celebrity Superyachts That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

By Jake SchroederLast Updated Apr 2, 2020 5:28:23 PM ET
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Photo Courtesy: Rab/Flickr

Ever wonder how your favorite celebrities spend all those million-dollar paychecks? From private jets to five-star resort vacations, luxury purchases are one of the most common ways for stars to flaunt their wealth in the air and on land.

But did you know that celebs like Leonardi DiCaprio, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are also obsessed with showing off their riches at sea? Check out these celebrity superyachts that will make your jaw drop!

Leonardo DiCaprio's Superyacht Topaz

To be honest, Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't actually own this particular superyacht, but he loves to rent out the Topaz when it's time to party with friends. If you guessed that even rental comes at a steep price, you would be right. Allegedly, the Titanic star pays about 3.75 million euros to charter the Topaz for a single week. (Crazy, right?)

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Photo Courtesy: Gym4u/YouTube

That's not all. If you’re a huge DiCaprio fan, you may already know he threw an ‘80’s party on this superyacht in 2014. Stars like Orlando Bloom and Jamie Foxx were among the famous guests.

J.K. Rowling's Superyacht Amphitrite

If you aren’t familiar with her story, J.K. Rowling’s life is a true "rags to riches" tale, ranging from poverty to striking it rich as the author of the Harry Potter franchise. As a matter of fact, she was a humble secretary before she became one of the biggest names in the world.

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Photo Courtesy: Cid Bussjaeger/YouTube

These days, Rowling is more than wealthy enough to buy a massive yacht from Johnny Depp. Costing 20 million pounds, the Amphitrite is almost 160 feet long and comes with all kinds of fancy features. For instance, don't be surprised to see a wine bar, skylight and kayaks aboard this megayacht.

The Edge’s Superyacht Cyan

News outlets originally reported that The Edge's U2 bandmate Bono owned the Cyan, but The Edge actually squashed that rumor when he quipped, "It’s mine. Bono doesn’t know anything about boats." The confusion is easy to explain. Because the Cyan was so expensive, The Edge asked a couple of friends to help him buy the boat.

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Photo Courtesy: Bloomberg/Getty Images

On top of that, The Edge's buddies helped him redesign the yacht. Thank goodness for friendship, because the Cyan includes perks like a state-of-the-art bar, top-notch stereo and heated jacuzzi. Hopefully, he doesn't forget to invite his friends over!

Giorgio Armani’s Superyacht Mariù

News flash: Giorgio Armani is so much more than just a fabulous clothing designer. In fact, Armani helped design his first customizable yacht. Named the Mariù, the multibillionaire created the ship to comfortably fit up to 12 friends or family members. It even has its own elevator to go with those aluminum ceilings, oak paneling and pine floorboards.

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Photo Courtesy: Felix Magno/Getty Images

Painted with an elegant coat of white and gray, Armani eventually sold the Mariù for almost 20 million euros. Now, anyone can charter the ship — as long as they have 185,000 euros for a week's rental!

Giorgio Armani’s Superyacht Maìn

Giorgio Armani is one of the richest designers on earth, so, naturally, he needs more than one yacht to show off his enormous fortune. That's where Armani's other superyacht, the Maìn, comes in. Contributing to the design himself, the billionaire crafted his houseboat after his own signature Italian style. It doesn't look too showy, but it's actually much fancier that you might imagine for a houseboat.

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Photo Courtesy: Lorenzo Bozzi/Wikimedia Commons

With a hot tub, cinema and gym, the 150-foot long megayacht is as lavish as its owner. Featuring 14 rooms, the yacht’s dark green exterior was meant to tone down the extravagance. How thoughtful!

David Gilmour’s Superyacht Astoria

If you love Pink Floyd, then you already know David Gilmour is a legend in his own right. And like any rock king, he deserves his own ultra-chic superyacht. Called the Astoria, the big ship measures 27 meters long and has a music studio onboard.

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Photo Courtesy: TPHolland/Flickr

Pink Floyd recorded at least three albums aboard the Astoria. As if that's not enough, he recorded some of his solo work on the Astoria as well. After seeing the large yacht in a magazine at his dentist’s office, Gilmour bought the 1911 ship right away. Wild!

Rafael Nadal’s Superyacht Beethoven

Famous professional tennis star, Rafael Nadal is worth almost $200 million. To be quite honest, that's a lot of money for someone who hails from a little known place called the Balearic Islands. Apparently, that's where the young athlete first discovered his love of sailing.

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Photo Courtesy: Julian Finney/Getty Images

That said, blowing $2.5 million on his superyacht, Beethoven, was basically chump change for Nadal. Measuring 24 meters and sleeping eight family members, Beethoven can reach a remarkable speed of more than 31 knots. If you’re wondering if the charming tennis player can actually sail this thing, the answer is yes!

Steve Jobs’ Superyacht Venus

First of all, rest in peace to billionaire and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, but you have to admit, Jobs had an amazing life before he passed away. Just take a look at his extraordinary superyacht, Venus, which he didn't even live to see completed. (Don't worry, the Jobs' family still owns the boat.)

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Photo Courtesy: Anoldent/Flickr

Virtually no one has seen the inside of this magnificent houseboat, and no public photos have been shared. However, we know that the vessel's bridge uses Apple computers (of course). Steve Jobs hired Philippe Starck to create the boat and reportedly failed to pay the designer $3 million!

Steven Spielberg’s Superyacht Seven Seas

If you remember the iconic line from Jaws, "You’re gonna need a bigger boat," you wouldn't be shocked to learn that director Steven Spielberg took it to heart. The popular producer bought his superyacht, Seven Seas, for a whopping $200 million. Measuring more than 280 feet long, it boasts a cinema with lots of seating, a huge screen and a projector.

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Photo Courtesy: John Lambert/Flickr

But wait — there's more! Spielberg's humongous boat has a jacuzzi and a gym, not to mention jet skis and floor-to-ceiling windows. Despite these luxury perks, the famous filmmaker ended up selling it.

Billy Joel’s Superyacht Vendetta

Born in the Bronx, New York, Billy Joel is one of the best-selling musical artists in the world. It’s not shocking he made more than enough money to buy himself at least five megayachts. If you're curious about which one is the fastest, that would be the Vendetta.

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Photo Courtesy: First Mate Yacht Care/YouTube

Designed to imitate commuter ships from the 1920s, the Vendetta is the ultimate vacation vehicle for the Piano Man. On top of being a proud yacht owner, Joel designs his own yachts and has sold 50 of them for $500,000 apiece. Talk about a jack of all trades!

Richard Branson’s Superyacht Necker Belle

This one is a no-brainer. When you're as rich as billionaire philanthropist and businessman Richard Branson, you would be crazy not to buy a crazy expensive superyacht. Even though the Virgin Group founder owns an island, he decided he had to add a 5.3-million-pound boat to his repertoire as well.

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Photo Courtesy: Duffy-Marie Arnoult/Getty Images

Measuring more than 100 feet long, the Necker Belle was made for sunbathing and partying. It has a submarine attached to the vessel nicknamed the Necker Nymph as well. You can't be too upset with Branson for flaunting his massive wealth. He has also used his boat to aid hurricane relief efforts in the past.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's Superyacht Hokulani

Hollywood superstar Nicole Kidman and her country crooner hubby, Keith Urban, have spent their money wisely on the superyacht Hokulani. The three-story boat features wakeboards, water skis, snorkeling gear and jacuzzis for water fun, plus luxury essentials like a glass roof and huge televisions. It's truly a home away from home.

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Photo Courtesy: Stephanie Cardinale/Getty Images

In addition to being glamorous on the outside, the 150-foot long ship sleeps almost 20 people, including staff members. For those who are scratching their heads, "Hokulani" is actually Nicole's Hawaiian nickname. Although Hokulani is only worth a mere $4.5 million, the famous duo is rumored to be worth $195 million.

Diddy’s Superyacht Oasis

Diddy has had a ton of nicknames over the years, including P. Diddy and Puff Daddy. However, nothing has stuck better than "mega-millionaire." That being said, the multi-hyphenate rapper-turned-businessman bought the Oasis yacht from Google's chief executive officer.

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Photo Courtesy: Stuart Morton/Getty Images

This adult paradise comes with its own club for private parties at sea. Plus, the Oasis has an expensive AquaGlide waterslide onboard. Measuring almost 200 feet, the ship has hosted events for stars like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, not to mention everyone's favorite musical couple, Beyoncé and Jay Z.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z's Superyacht Galactica Star

Speaking of Jay and Bey, they aren't just superyacht guests — they're superyacht owners (sort of). Yes, when they're not busy making music and touring the world together, Beyoncé and Jay-Z like to spend time on the $42 million dollar boat, the Galactica Star. The billionaire pair doesn’t actually own the boat; they rent it from Nigerian businessman Kola Aluko.

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Photo Courtesy: BELUXURY/YouTube

Don't be freaked out to hear the Carter's spend around $900,000 when they rent the superyacht for a week. It’s just a drop in the bucket for the stars. At least, it comes with a cinema, hot tub and pool onboard.

Rihanna’s Superyacht Latitude

Known to break the rules in both music and fashion, Rihanna breaks the rules at the yacht club too. She recently spent her vacation in the French Riviera sailing on a superyacht called Latitude. At almost 175 feet long, the gigantic ship has its own sky lounge, beach club and staterooms.

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Photo Courtesy: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

If you aren't impressed by all that, maybe this will get your attention. Rihanna pays about $300,000 per week to rent the Latitude. She has been known to party aboard the vessel in the past as well, renting the Latitude after the V Festival in 2011 and at other times.

Nicolas Cage’s Superyacht Sarita

Even though Nicolas Cage is a mega-famous actor, he still managed to blow through his $150 million fortune over the course of about 15 years. It sounds even crazier when you think about what he spent his hard-earned riches on — think tiny pygmy heads and dino skulls.

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Photo Courtesy: Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Somewhere along the way, Cage managed to acquire four superyachts — somewhat less ridiculous, at least. Apparently, the Sarita is his favorite, and it's easy to see why. Sleeping 12 friends and measuring almost 130 feet long, the super ship was a dream come true — at least until Cage had to sell it in 2008.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's Superyacht Ghost

Clearly, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie knew how to party like rock stars during their long relationship together. They spent a lot of their free time aboard Australian businessman Anthony Bell's boat, Ghost. Back then, it wasn't uncommon to see the two celebs and their gaggle of kids sailing around the Sydney Harbor.

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Photo Courtesy: Lorenzo Santini/Getty Images

The luxury yacht was on sale in the summer of 2019 for almost $9 million. With three rooms that fit two people each, the boat also has its own special cabin and catamaran. Plus, Ghost is one of the fastest yachts on this list.

Elton John’s Superyacht Wabi Sabi

First things first, we're totally loving the adorable name for Elton John's superyacht. Lovingly called the Wabi Sabi, Elton supposedly recently sold the boat for about $26 million. Complete with a barbecue pit, luxury furnishings and flat-screen televisions, the Wabi Sabi sleeps more than 10 guests every night in beautifully furnished rooms.

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Photo Courtesy: STARS TV/YouTube

Nope, we're not done yet. The luxury ship has air conditioning, a grilling station and a jacuzzi along with a pool with underwater lighting. Now owned by Moran Yacht & Ship, you can rent it for around $200,000 a week!

Tiger Woods’ Superyacht Privacy

If you haven't heard of Tiger Woods, you must be living under a rock somewhere. The titan of golf is still on top after a long, difficult stretch filled with bad publicity, cheating and injuries. In fact, Woods recently won another green jacket at East Lake Golf Club, proving he's still the king of the Masters’ putting green.

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Photo Courtesy: Larry Marano/Getty Images

His gift to himself? Docking his gigantic yacht, Privacy, near the golf courses where he's set to compete. The megayacht has everything Tiger needs to enjoy a cushy life on the sea and cost the athlete more than $20 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Superyacht Aya

Imagine what it would be like if the police surprised you with an invasive raid of your superyacht while you were on vacation. Astonishingly, that is exactly what happened to international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo when he was on his boat, Aya, two years ago.

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Photo Courtesy: Europa Press Entertainment/Getty Images

While traveling through Formentera and Ibiza, Ronaldo was shocked when authorities interrupted his family time on his yacht, which cost him about 45,000 euros per week. The police had a reason for the interruption, of course. They were investigating Ronaldo for tax fraud, and he ultimately had to pay a fine of 18.8 million euros.

Eric Clapton’s Superyacht Va Bene

If you're in love with Eric Clapton's guitar solos, then you may be happy to learn he's making good use of your concert money. On top of his passion for playing music, Clapton is an avid sailor, particularly when it comes to his superyacht, Va Bene (which translates as "goes well" in Italian).

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Photo Courtesy: Anadalou Agency/Getty Images

Supposedly costing 9 million pounds, Clapton spent a fortune on the 156-foot beauty. Sleeping 12 crew and 12 family members, the Va Bene has karaoke equipment, several dining rooms and a barbecue pit.

Elon Musk’s Superyacht Mr. Steven

If you thought that Elon Musk's 200-foot long superyacht was strictly for partying purposes, you would be dead wrong. Shockingly, the Tesla founder's yacht, Mr. Steven, was built to help with his rocket recovery project. What makes Mr. Steven so unique is that it casts a special net that can actually catch falling pieces from his SpaceX rocket launches.

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Photo Courtesy: Drone Dronester/YouTube

Musk plans to use recycled rocket pieces to rebuild new parts, preventing more waste from entering the environment. Although Musk’s SpaceX program has had its fair share of hits and misses, the billionaire owner of Tesla doesn’t have anything to worry about financially.

Roman Abramovich’s Superyacht Eclipse

Not that many people know what it's like to be a successful businessman, celebrity and yacht enthusiast at the same time. Incredibly, Russian multibillionaire Roman Abramovich happens to be one of those rare people. As a shareholder in the Chelsea Football Club, Abramovich spends his spare time entertaining the stars on his amazing yacht, Eclipse.

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Photo Courtesy: Picture Alliance/Getty Images

Hosting celebs like Salma Hayek and Katy Perry, the Eclipse sleeps 24 passengers on its 340-million-euro deck. In addition, it comes with a real missile detection system and a tiny submarine. With so many features, it's no wonder Abramovich snatched it up.

Victoria and David Beckham's Superyacht Horizon E88

As one of the wealthiest (and most attractive) couples in England, Victoria and David Beckham can definitely afford to take a break every now and then. Because they're the owners of a superyacht that’s worth almost 4 million pounds, it's beyond easy for the Beckhams to sail off into the sunset at the drop of a hat.

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Photo Courtesy: Football Highlights/YouTube

Also known as The Sophisticated Lady, the Horizon E88 sleeps more than 10 guests at night. Additionally, it has its own gym on board, which is super convenient for fitness-conscious celebrity guests. Here's the craziest part: The couple is worth about $1 billion, even though they're both retired.

Justin Bieber’s Superyacht Ecstasea

Justin Bieber loves to share the wealth when it comes to his personal megayacht, the Ecstasea. As a matter of fact, the famous pop star is known to rent out his handsome ship for Hollywood parties and family events. Originally created for Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, it was sold to an unknown bidder in 2009.

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Photo Courtesy: Axou/Wikimedia Commons

Now, the 282-foot ship is at Bieber's disposal, complete with a jacuzzi, a gym and a Flyboard, not to mention a helicopter hanger and air conditioning. Apparently, that's all you need to reel in star guests like Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron.

David Geffen’s Superyacht Rising Sun

If you've ever bought a ticket for a DreamWorks film, then you have contributed to owner David Geffen's yacht fund. As the founder of both Geffen and Asylum Records, Geffen has had a pretty impressive career. He sold Geffen Records to MCA Records for $550 million years ago.

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Photo Courtesy: Portland Press Herald/Getty Images

That money contributed to his purchase of the Rising Sun, a superyacht that flaunts a theater, gym and spa. Geffen's massive boat also has its own personal wine cellar — there’s nothing like a supply of wine near a helipad.

Bill Gates’ Superyacht Serene

Thanks to his philanthropic efforts, Bill Gates isn't exactly the richest man in the world anymore, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still hop aboard his private yacht and sail around the globe at his leisure. Incredibly, he once spent an eye-popping $5 million, just to rent Serene for a week in 2014.

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Photo Courtesy: Andrew E. Russell/Flickr

Measuring almost 440 feet long, this particular megayacht is much larger than many of the others on this list. With sleeping quarters for 24 people, Serene features a saltwater pool, helipad and a helicopter hanger.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana's Superyacht Regina d’Italia

For those who can't get enough of Dolce and Gabbana's clothing, imagine what it's like to spend a day aboard the famous duo's ship. Owned by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the Regina d’Italia is truly a sight to behold. With a built-in waterslide, jacuzzi and pool, the floating paradise has hosted many celebrity parties on its glamourous decks.

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Photo Courtesy: Mike1979 Russia/Wikimedia Commons

Complete with leopard print rugs and marble flooring, the ship boasts everything you would expect from the godfathers of design. The ship has room for 12 overnight guests, and every room is decorated using a different animal theme, including crocodile, elephant and rhinoceros.

Calvin Klein’s Superyacht Vantage

Calvin Klein is one of the most renowned and talented designers in the fashion industry, and his massive success comes with an abundance of riches. Designed to honor Klein's minimalist chic look, the Vantage contains a warm, carpeted interior. To mix it up, the exterior has amenities like a barbecue pit, bar and jacuzzi.

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Photo Courtesy: Minds Eye Video/YouTube

Klein actually hosted his own Cannes Film Festival party on the Vantage's sparkling deck. Sleeping nine staff and 12 guests, the boat also has a private sundeck for watching sunsets.

Sir Philip Green’s Superyacht Lionheart

Last but not least, there's Sir Philip Green’s superyacht, Lionheart. Worth almost $5 billion, Green has more than enough money to throw around on life's little pleasures, including things like building yachts. He has actually built three yachts, with the Lionheart being the most impressive.

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Photo Courtesy: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Worth about $150 million, the stunning yacht sleeps at least 12 guests comfortably. However, Green recently came under fire for hosting a big yacht party in Monaco after failing to come up with a plan to save his company — and its 19,000 employees. Although his retail empire might shut down, he continues to sail around in luxury, clearly not worried about tomorrow.