8 Classic Books from High School Worth Rereading as an Adult

Photo Courtesy: Adam Berry/Getty Images

It was easy to have no idea what an author was talking about when you first read a classic book in high school. Maybe you didn’t like being forced to read, or maybe you were too busy being a teenager to dive into the works of George Orwell.

Although you may have missed the important takeaways in many books as a young student, there’s definitely a wealth of knowledge you can get from them as an adult. Trust me, I didn’t relate to anything in Catch-22 and To Kill a Mockingbird until I reread these classics as a grown-up. Now, I realize that classic books help us understand the world around us. Whether you actually read the books long ago or just used CliffsNotes, these classics deserve another chance to make you appreciate them more than you did as a teen.