Cookie Clicker & Other Free-to-Play Idle Games That Can Help You De-stress

 Photo Courtesy: Malte Mueller/Getty Images; Logos Courtesy: Dogecoin; Hyper Hippo Games; Amazon

These days, we're all looking for ways to de-stress, so why not have a little fun in the process? If you need a quick, mindless moment, video games might be the answer. One popular gaming sub-genre is the idle game — a.k.a. clicker game. Often browser- or mobile app-based, idle games tend to be both incredibly straight-forward — after all, you're just clicking your mouse, trackpad or screen — and surprisingly addictive, probably because they provide all the satisfaction of winning without requiring too much effort.

Much in the same way coloring or puzzling helps folks unwind, idle games have a de-stressing effect because they give you something simple to focus on. As you click away, the activity becomes second nature — a way to exert a little mental energy or distract you from stress (and stressful thoughts). Plus, like any game, idle games provide a sense of achievement, even if that achievement is as simple as racking up points (or cookies). 

Don't believe us? Try one of these click-centric games for yourself. And, if you need help choosing, we've rounded up a few of the best (free) idle games the internet has to offer.