Need More Cult Coverage After "The Vow"? Try These Docs and Podcasts

Photo Courtesy: HBO/IMDb

Chances are you’ve heard about NXIVM, the alleged self-proclaimed multi-level marketing company — but you probably know it as a dangerous, Albany-based sex cult, not as a self-help and professional development group. But, before Smallville’s Allison Mack got involved and before the horror stories of abuse emerged, that’s how NXIVM billed itself: Its "Executive Success Programs" could help you get your life on the right track, and the group would provide you with support and a sense of community. Unfortunately, what lurked beneath the surface wasn’t benign.

Without a doubt, there’s something fascinating about cults. Knowing what we know now, it’s difficult to imagine why the women who were abused by NXIVM and its leader Keith Raniere would join up in the first place. That’s, of course, the draw of The Vow, a nine-part HBO docuseries made by several former NXIVM members. Like others before it, the series aims to unravel that magnetism cults are known for — that thing that draws victims into these groups and glues viewers like us to our screens. So, if you’re looking for more cult coverage, these standout documentaries and podcasts are worth checking out.

Editor's Note: Although the content of these podcasts and documentaries is only referenced and not discussed at length, some readers may still find the material triggering or upsetting.