Decoding the secrets behind Alex Iwobi’s chosen kit number

When it comes to football, every player has their own unique identity, and one way they express it is through their chosen kit number. One player who has caught the attention of fans and analysts alike is Alex Iwobi. The Nigerian international, known for his impressive skills and versatility on the field, has a special affinity for his chosen kit number. In this article, we will delve into the secrets behind Alex Iwobi’s kit number and explore what it means to him.

The significance of number 17

Alex Iwobi’s kit number, 17, holds a special significance both on and off the field. For many players, their chosen number may represent their birthdate or lucky number, but Iwobi’s choice goes beyond personal preference. Number 17 represents an important milestone in his career.

During his time at Arsenal FC, where he spent several years before moving to Everton FC in 2019, Iwobi wore the iconic number 17 jersey. This was not a random allocation but a conscious decision made by the club. The number was previously worn by another Arsenal legend – Alexis Sánchez.

Sánchez had a tremendous impact on both fans and players during his time at Arsenal. His departure left a void that needed to be filled not just in terms of performance but also symbolically. By assigning Iwobi with Sánchez’s old kit number, Arsenal aimed to show their faith in him as the next rising star capable of making an impact similar to that of Sánchez.

Personal connection and inspiration

Beyond its symbolic value within the club, Alex Iwobi also shares a personal connection with his chosen kit number. Growing up as a football enthusiast in Nigeria, he idolized Jay-Jay Okocha – a legendary Nigerian footballer who played for clubs like Bolton Wanderers and Paris Saint-Germain.

Jay-Jay Okocha wore the number 17 jersey during his career, and Iwobi saw him as a role model. The number became synonymous with Okocha’s style of play, his creativity, and his ability to entertain the crowd with his skills. By choosing the same number, Iwobi pays homage to his childhood hero and draws inspiration from Okocha’s legacy.

Building a brand

In today’s world of football, players are not just athletes; they are also brands. Choosing a unique kit number can help players stand out from the crowd and build their personal brand. Alex Iwobi understands this concept well.

By sticking with the number 17 throughout his career, Iwobi has created a recognizable identity for himself. Fans associate him with this number, making it easier for them to identify him on the field and connect with him as a player. This consistency in branding helps Iwobi cultivate a loyal fan base and establish himself as a player with a distinct presence.


Alex Iwobi’s chosen kit number holds both symbolic and personal significance for him. Assigned by Arsenal FC after Alexis Sánchez’s departure, the number 17 represents their faith in Iwobi as the next rising star. Additionally, it pays homage to Jay-Jay Okocha – Iwobi’s childhood hero – who wore the same kit number during his illustrious career.

Beyond its symbolic value, choosing and sticking with this kit number has helped Iwobi build his personal brand. Fans easily recognize him on the field, creating a strong connection between player and supporter.

As we decode the secrets behind Alex Iwobi’s chosen kit number, we gain insight into how players use these numbers not only as identifiers but also as powerful tools in shaping their careers and personal legacies in football.

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