Discover the Top Shows and DJs on Trinidad Radio Station 107.7 FM

Trinidad Radio Station 107.7 FM is a popular radio station in Trinidad and Tobago that offers a wide range of shows and talented DJs. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, tuning in to this station is a great way to stay entertained and informed about the latest happenings in the country. In this article, we will explore some of the top shows and DJs on Trinidad Radio Station 107.7 FM that you should definitely check out.

Morning Rush with DJ Tony

Start your day off right with the energetic and lively Morning Rush show hosted by DJ Tony. This show is the perfect blend of music, news, and entertainment to get you pumped up for the day ahead. DJ Tony’s infectious personality and witty banter will keep you engaged throughout the show. From playing your favorite hits to sharing interesting trivia about Trinidad and Tobago, Morning Rush is a must-listen for anyone looking for an enjoyable morning radio experience.

Island Vibes with DJ Lisa

If you’re in need of some Caribbean vibes, then Island Vibes with DJ Lisa is the show for you. DJ Lisa takes listeners on a musical journey through the rich culture of Trinidad and Tobago by playing a mix of soca, calypso, reggae, dancehall, and more. Her extensive knowledge of Caribbean music combined with her smooth transitions make Island Vibes an absolute delight for music lovers. Tune in to this show to feel like you’re on an island getaway right from the comfort of your own home.

Sports Talk with Coach Johnson

For all the sports enthusiasts out there, Sports Talk with Coach Johnson is a must-listen show on Trinidad Radio Station 107.7 FM. Coach Johnson brings his expertise and passion for sports to each episode as he discusses everything from football to cricket to basketball. Whether it’s analyzing recent matches, interviewing local athletes, or sharing insights into upcoming tournaments, Coach Johnson keeps listeners informed and engaged with his in-depth knowledge and captivating storytelling. Tune in to Sports Talk to stay updated on all the latest sports news and analysis.

Afternoon Drive with DJ Sarah

Wrap up your day with the soothing tunes and uplifting energy of Afternoon Drive hosted by DJ Sarah. This show is the perfect companion for your evening commute or a lazy afternoon at home. DJ Sarah’s smooth voice combined with her carefully curated playlist of contemporary hits and classics will help you unwind and relax after a long day. Whether you’re looking for some background music while working or need something to lift your spirits, Afternoon Drive is the show to tune in to.

In conclusion, Trinidad Radio Station 107.7 FM offers a diverse range of shows and talented DJs that cater to different interests and tastes. From morning shows that kickstart your day with energy to afternoon shows that help you unwind, there’s something for everyone on this station. So, don’t miss out on the top shows and DJs mentioned above – tune in to Trinidad Radio Station 107.7 FM for an unforgettable radio experience filled with entertainment, information, and great music.

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