Emmys Watch: Here’s Everyone (and Every Show) We Would’ve Nominated for the 2020 Emmys

Photo Courtesy: FX Networks/IMDb

When Quibi collects more Emmy nominations than legendary EGOT Rita Moreno (One Day at a Time), it definitely feels like the end is nigh. (Like under-10-minutes-away nigh.) Yet again, Pose, which centers trans women, was shut out of most of the major categories, including the Best Actress categories. (Much, much more on that later.) And, to top it all off, the entertainment world proved that it loves nothing more than itself, awarding Ryan Murphy’s dud Hollywood a total of 12 nominations. (Congrats to Jeremy Pope, Holland Taylor and the costume department, but, otherwise, Hollywood coming on so strong is, to quote another Murphyverse show, "My Roanoke Nightmare.")

On the other hand, the Emmys’ big announcements weren’t all terrible: HBO’s Watchmen, which was adapted by The Leftovers’ Damon Lindelof and anchored by an incredible, Emmy-nominated performance from Regina King, made history with a staggering 26 nominations. Fan-favorite shows, like the little Canadian comedy that could, Schitt’s Creek, scored a surprising (but much-deserved) number of noms. And when announcing that Zendaya was, in fact, nominated for her landmark performance in HBO’s Euphoria, Leslie Jones truly captured everyone’s shared excitement.

In our first installment of Emmys Watch, we’re taking a look at the biggest snubs, surprises and burdens this awards show has to offer. Be sure to stay tuned for more hot takes, including our list of the most unforgettable moments in Emmys' history, as the largest Zoom party of the year nears!