Exploring Andy Dalton’s Current Team: Who Does He Play for Now?

Andy Dalton, a well-known name in the world of professional football, has been a prominent figure in the NFL for several years. However, his team affiliations have changed recently, leaving fans wondering, “Who does Andy Dalton play for now?” In this article, we will delve into the current team of Andy Dalton and explore his journey through different franchises. From his early days to his latest destination, let’s take a closer look at the teams that have had the privilege of having Dalton as their quarterback.

Cincinnati Bengals: The Beginnings

Andy Dalton’s journey in the NFL started with the Cincinnati Bengals. Drafted by the Bengals in 2011 as their second-round pick, he quickly made an impact on the team. During his time with Cincinnati, Dalton displayed great potential and leadership skills. He led the Bengals to multiple playoff appearances and set several franchise records along the way.

Dalton’s tenure with the Bengals lasted for nine seasons from 2011 to 2019. During this period, he became one of Cincinnati’s most beloved players and developed a strong bond with both teammates and fans alike. However, after numerous playoff disappointments and changes within the organization, it was time for both parties to part ways.

Dallas Cowboys: The New Chapter

In May 2020, Andy Dalton found himself signing with another NFL franchise – the Dallas Cowboys. Joining America’s Team as a backup quarterback behind Dak Prescott brought new opportunities and challenges for him. While initially expected to serve primarily as a backup option, circumstances changed during the 2020 season when Prescott suffered a season-ending injury.

With Prescott out of action due to injury recovery, Andy Dalton stepped up as Dallas’ starting quarterback. Despite facing adversity amidst an already challenging season for the Cowboys, he showcased his experience and ability to lead an offense effectively. Though not without its ups and downs, Dalton’s performance helped keep the team competitive in an incredibly tough division.

Chicago Bears: The Present

After his one-year stint with the Dallas Cowboys, Andy Dalton made another move in the 2021 offseason. This time, he found a new home with the Chicago Bears. Joining the Bears as their starting quarterback, Dalton brings his wealth of experience and leadership to a team that has been searching for stability at that position.

The signing of Andy Dalton by the Bears marks a significant step forward for the franchise. With his proven track record and ability to make smart decisions on the field, he provides stability and consistency to an offense that has had its struggles in recent years. While there may be some debate among fans about whether he is the long-term solution for Chicago, there is no denying that Andy Dalton’s presence brings a sense of optimism to the team.


From his beginnings with the Cincinnati Bengals to his current role as starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears, Andy Dalton’s journey through different NFL franchises has been filled with ups and downs. While he had tremendous success during his time in Cincinnati, it was time for a change that led him to Dallas as both a backup and starter. Now, as he takes on a new chapter with the Chicago Bears, fans eagerly await what lies ahead for this seasoned quarterback. Regardless of where he plays next, one thing is certain – Andy Dalton’s impact on each team will be remembered by fans and teammates alike.

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