Celebrate Your Own LGBTQ+ Pride Film Fest With These Must-Watch Movies

Photo Courtesy: David Bornfriend/IMDb

Pride Month is all about representation, education and celebration, and watching films that center LGBTQ+ characters is a valuable way to honor queer culture and experiences. If you're ready to get into the celebratory spirit or begin your journey exploring diverse offerings that show varied slices of LGBTQ+ life, we've prepped this roundup to help get you started. 

This list is by no means exhaustive — there's such a multitude of beautiful stories out there to choose from — but it's sure to inspire you to think, feel and learn. From providing hope and breaking down barriers to documenting history and navigating love and pain, the movies on this list are informative, illuminating and inspiring — and they'll all give you a better idea about the rich complexities of LGBTQ+ lives and the need for visibility that Pride honors.