Finding the Best Deals and Packages for Watching Live Michigan Games

Whether you’re a die-hard Michigan Wolverines fan or just enjoy watching college football, finding the best deals and packages for watching live Michigan games is essential. With the rise of streaming services and cable alternatives, there are now more options than ever before. In this article, we will explore different ways to watch live Michigan games and highlight some of the best deals and packages available.

Streaming Services: A Convenient Option

Streaming services have revolutionized how we consume entertainment, including sports. Many platforms now offer live sports streaming options, making it easier than ever to catch your favorite teams in action. Some popular streaming services that carry live college football games include ESPN+, Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and FuboTV.

ESPN+ is an excellent option for Michigan fans as it provides access to a wide range of college sports content, including live games. Subscribing to ESPN+ allows you to watch Wolverines games from anywhere using compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, or computers.

Hulu Live TV also offers an extensive selection of sports channels that broadcast college football games. With a subscription to Hulu Live TV, you can enjoy live streams of Michigan games on channels like ABC or Fox Sports.

Sling TV is another popular choice among cord-cutters. It offers various channel packages at different price points, including options that include ESPN and other sports channels where you can catch the Wolverines in action.

YouTube TV provides a comprehensive lineup of channels that cover major sporting events. As long as your local ABC affiliate carries the game you want to watch, YouTube TV is a reliable choice for tuning in to live Michigan football.

FuboTV specializes in sports coverage and offers a variety of plans tailored towards sports enthusiasts. With FuboTV’s extensive selection of sports networks like Big Ten Network (BTN), you won’t miss any thrilling moments from Michigan games.

Cable Alternatives: Flexibility and Affordability

If you’re looking for more flexibility and affordability, cable alternatives may be the way to go. These services allow you to stream live TV channels over the internet without a traditional cable or satellite subscription. Two popular options are AT&T TV and PlayStation Vue.

AT&T TV offers various packages that include local and national sports channels. With this service, you can watch Michigan games on channels like ABC, ESPN, or Big Ten Network. AT&T TV also provides access to on-demand content, so if you miss a game, you can catch up later.

PlayStation Vue is another cable alternative that offers sports coverage through various plans. Depending on your location and package selection, you can access channels like ABC or Big Ten Network to watch live Wolverines games.

Official Michigan Athletics Website

For the most dedicated fans who want an official source for watching live Michigan games, the University of Michigan Athletics website is an excellent option. The official website often streams certain games live for free or requires a small subscription fee for exclusive content. By supporting the university directly through their streaming platform, fans can enjoy high-quality broadcasts while contributing to their favorite team’s success.

In addition to live game streams, the official website also provides access to post-game highlights, interviews with players and coaches, and other exclusive content related to Wolverines athletics.


Thanks to advancements in technology and the rise of streaming services, it has become easier than ever before to watch live Michigan games from anywhere. Whether you choose a streaming service like ESPN+, Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, or FuboTV; opt for a cable alternative such as AT&T TV or PlayStation Vue; or prefer the official University of Michigan Athletics website – there are plenty of deals and packages available that cater to all types of fans. So grab your maize and blue gear and get ready to cheer on the Wolverines as they take the field.

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