Everything We Know About the “Fresh Prince” Reboot

Photo Courtesy: Ron Tom/NBCU PhotoBank/Getty Images

Reboots as we know them are about to get flip-turned upside down — in a really exciting way. When a fan-made reimagining of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (aptly titled Bel-Air) surfaced on YouTube in early 2019, it took the internet by storm. And now, after catching the attention of the original Fresh Prince, Will Smith, it’s set to take our TVs by storm on a major streaming service.

With a darker, grittier vibe and a larger focus on main character Will’s difficult backstory, the reboot promises to add some intriguing drama to a show that was known as much for its funny quips and larger-than-life characters as it was for taking a deeper look at what it meant to be Black in 1990s America. But that’s not all you’ll want to hear about this new vision of an old favorite. We’d like to take a minute — so just sit right there — as we tell you everything we know so far about Bel-Air’s reboot.