Your Guide to the Top Upcoming RV Shows in Pennsylvania

Are you an avid RV enthusiast looking for the latest trends, innovations, and exciting deals in the world of recreational vehicles? Look no further than Pennsylvania. The state is home to some of the top upcoming RV shows that attract thousands of visitors each year. Whether you are a seasoned RVer or just starting out, these shows offer a unique opportunity to explore a wide range of RV models, accessories, and services all under one roof. In this article, we will guide you through some of the top upcoming RV shows in Pennsylvania that you should mark on your calendar.

Pennsylvania RV & Camping Show

The Pennsylvania RV & Camping Show is one of the largest and most highly-anticipated events for RV enthusiasts in the state. Held annually at the Giant Center in Hershey, this show brings together over 100 exhibitors showcasing the latest models from renowned manufacturers. Here, you can explore a vast selection of motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and campers to suit every budget and lifestyle.

In addition to showcasing a wide array of vehicles, the Pennsylvania RV & Camping Show also offers educational seminars and workshops conducted by industry experts. Whether you want to learn about maintenance tips or discover new camping destinations, these sessions provide valuable insights for both experienced and novice RVers.

Pittsburgh RV Show

If you’re in western Pennsylvania or planning a trip to Pittsburgh, don’t miss out on attending the Pittsburgh RV Show. This annual event takes place at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center and features an impressive display of recreational vehicles from leading manufacturers across North America.

The Pittsburgh RV Show is known for its diverse range of exhibitors offering everything from luxurious Class A motorhomes to compact towable trailers. With over 350 units on display, visitors can compare different models side by side and take advantage of exclusive show discounts.

Apart from showcasing cutting-edge RVs, the Pittsburgh RV Show also hosts informative seminars on topics such as RV maintenance, travel tips, and campground recommendations. It’s a great opportunity to enhance your knowledge and connect with other passionate RV enthusiasts.

Allentown RV Show

Located in the heart of eastern Pennsylvania, the Allentown RV Show is another must-visit event for RV enthusiasts. Held at the Allentown Fairgrounds each year, this show features an extensive selection of recreational vehicles from various manufacturers.

Whether you’re interested in motorhomes, travel trailers, or pop-up campers, the Allentown RV Show has something for everyone. The event attracts both local dealerships and national manufacturers looking to showcase their latest models and innovations.

In addition to the impressive display of vehicles, visitors can also explore a wide range of camping accessories, services, and campground information. The Allentown RV Show offers a one-stop shop for all your RV needs.

York Campers World RV Show

The York Campers World RV Show is a popular annual event that takes place at the York Expo Center in York County. This four-day extravaganza brings together a wide variety of exhibitors offering everything from motorhomes to toy haulers.

With over 100 units on display, visitors can browse through different types of recreational vehicles and speak directly with industry experts to get all their questions answered. Whether you’re looking for a family-sized motorhome or a compact camper van for solo adventures, you’ll find it all at the York Campers World RV Show.

Apart from showcasing an impressive selection of vehicles, this show also offers educational seminars on topics such as towing safety and campground etiquette. It’s an excellent opportunity to gain valuable knowledge while exploring some of the latest trends in the world of recreational vehicles.

In conclusion, Pennsylvania is home to several top upcoming RV shows that attract both local residents and visitors from across the country. From the Pennsylvania RV & Camping Show in Hershey to the Pittsburgh RV Show, Allentown RV Show, and York Campers World RV Show, these events offer a unique opportunity to explore a wide variety of recreational vehicles, accessories, and services. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current RV or just starting out on your RVing journey, attending these shows will provide you with valuable insights and unforgettable experiences. So mark your calendars and get ready for an exciting adventure in the world of RV shows.

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