How Much Money TV Stars Really Earn from Reruns

Photo Courtesy: Warner Bros. Television/Getty Images

The beauty of television is that almost anything you watch once will eventually be available to watch again and again, particularly in this modern entertainment streaming era. In fact, some shows hit streaming and on-demand services almost immediately after the original episode airs. Whether you're watching a made-for-TV movie or the latest and greatest TV series, the program will more than likely air again on the same network or appear on some type of streaming service in the future.

The same thing is true for older shows. As services look for new content to satisfy millions of viewers, they often turn to former classics and add thousands of reruns to their viewing catalogs. For some actors, the money they make from these reruns can be almost as lucrative — and certainly longer lasting — than their original paychecks. For others — well, you have to see it to believe it. Let’s take a look!