John Waters Turns 75: Celebrating the King of Filth’s Greatest Moments

Photo Courtesy: Taruyuki Kameda/500px/Getty Images; Jeff Vespa/WireImage/Getty Images

Call him what you want — the Pope of Trash, the King of Filth, the Duke of Dirt — but whatever you do, don’t call John Waters uninspired. Or typical. Or even palatable. The director has spent more than five decades meticulously cultivating a repertoire of films, books and artwork that’s so deeply and iconically steeped in his own unique brand of "filth" that it’s nearly impossible to separate the man from his mythos.

With dozens of films under his (probably Saint Laurent) belt, this rancid Renaissance man is a verifiable legend, having churned out a flurry of now-cult classics that make some NC-17 films look like bake sales. Waters is most famous for "giving bad taste a good name" with everything he does, and that’s reason enough to celebrate him. But in honor of his 75th birthday, we’re taking a look at our favorite of his filthiest contributions to the world of camp — and some of the surprisingly wholesome moments that make us cherish him even more.