Is the New HBO Max Better Than HBO Go and HBO Now?

Photo Courtesy: HBO/HBO Go

A few weeks ago, HBO graciously made some of its top-tier content free to stream. Watching The Sopranos free-of-charge may have helped take your mind off the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but, bada bing, nothing gold can stay. Winning over homebound viewers by knocking down those paywalls was a great marketing strategy — a little good PR never hurt anyone — and it was an especially smart tactic to introduce ahead of the network’s launch of HBO Max, its newest subscription-based service.

Viewers can embark on HBO Max marathons starting May 27, which is exciting — until you factor in that many of us already have some kind of HBO access. If you’re old school, you might get HBO via your cable package or as an add-on to Amazon Prime; other users bank on a friend-of-a-friend’s HBO Go login; and others pony up the monthly fee for HBO Now. As the network’s esteemed writer Carrie Bradshaw might posit, We couldn’t help but wonder: What’s the difference between all of these HBO iterations? And, in a world overflowing with viable streaming platforms and subscription services, is HBO Max even worth a girl’s time?