Why a Labyrinth Sequel Is Such a Bad Idea

Photo Courtesy: Henson Associates, Inc./IMDb

Hollywood seems determined to profit from remakes and sequels that movie makers have no business writing, producing or releasing. Rather than working hard to generate new films — ones with novel plot devices, leads and stories from underrepresented communities and compelling cinematic visions, for example — the bigwigs of the American film industry are on a mission to quickly ruin any remnant of millennial childhood nostalgia.

So, it is with a heavy heart — and in recognition that January 10, 2021, marks five years since the passing of the absolutely legendary and incomparable David Bowie — that I am forced to address the announcement of a Labyrinth sequel. Now, does the original film require, necessitate or even hint at a sequel? Is the lead actor from the original movie prepared to make an appearance? Is the original director still available? The answer to these questions is a single, resounding "NO." And yet, here we are. Sigh.

Allow me to take a brief moment to discuss why a Labyrinth sequel is an awful, terrible, no-good idea.