Yo, Adrian — We’re Looking Back on 45 Years of "Rocky"

Photo Courtesy: MGM/IMDb

While it may come as a surprise, 2021 marks 45 years since Sylvester Stallone first graced our screens as Rocky Balboa. We know it's true, but we still can't quite believe that the Rocky film series has been around for so long now. Over the years, Rocky has become one of the biggest movie franchises ever, thanks to both the Stallone- and Michael B. Jordan-helmed films.

Whether he lost or won his fights, Sly's Rocky taught us all the importance of believing in yourself, putting in the hard work, and, you know, persevering — even if that means working out to "Eye of the Tiger" ad nauseam. (Thanks, Rocky III.) And, off the silver screen, Stallone is also a prime example of those same attributes; he put in the effort and, even now, he's a Hollywood icon. 

Want to learn more about the history of the Rocky series? Read on for some reminiscing as well as a look ahead at the future of this enduring film franchise.