These Movies Can Help When You’re Feeling Isolated

Photo Courtesy: 20th Century Fox/IMDb

The subject of isolation has been featured in many successful movies over the years, and the topic certainly seems timely and on point with so much of the world still sheltering in place to stop the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, May is Mental Health Awareness month in the U.S., and fostering mental health is more important than ever as so many people struggle with feelings of isolation and the loss of everything they consider "normal."

Maybe it’s possible to put some of the movie magic of Hollywood to good use to create a sense of mental camaraderie that goes beyond just entertaining. Some poignant films include characters who are dealing with tough situations in total isolation. As expected, their journeys are often filled with dread and feelings of hopelessness, but they also manage to overcome their dilemmas in the end. The final result is a sense that even the worst times are temporary and leave us stronger. Let’s take a look!