Saltbox: Everything You Need to Know About the New Streaming Service for Older Adults

Photo Courtesy: yongyuan/E+/Getty Images

When the COVID-19 pandemic had many of us sheltering in place, virtual programming became one of the most popular ways to stay entertained, all while staying safe. Like many other platforms, Saltbox entered the media-streaming scene during the pandemic, but something set it apart from the competition. Instead of focusing on a particular type of content — cartoons, sports, and so on — Saltbox specializes in curating a roster of shows that older adults will enjoy. 

With the older population being one of the most vulnerable groups, staying indoors has been a necessary safety precaution throughout the ongoing pandemic. In a sense, Saltbox is just what the doctor ordered. Even now, as the world begins opening up again, Saltbox has remained a popular choice among senior streamers across the United States. Not sure if it's for you? Here's everything you need to know.