Coming Soon: Everything You Need to Watch, Read & Play This September

Photo Courtesy: Netflix/IMDb; Disney/IMDb; Hulu/IMDb; Netflix/IMDb

Outside of COVID-19 times, fall usually marks the beginning of peak TV season, with a plethora of highly anticipated returns and a healthy stock of new releases for viewers to wade through with glee. Of course, Netflix has been shaking up the traditional network TV schedule for years, but now, more than ever, the original streaming giant is proving that it's the place to go for new releases, thanks to a production schedule that’s (apparently) set way in advance.

While some movies, from X-Men spinoff New Mutants to Russell Crowe’s road-rage film Unhinged, have insisted on proceeding with theatrical releases, many blockbusters have been pushed back yet again — with Disney’s Mulan remake being a landmark exception (more on that later). And if you need a break from TV and movie marathons, September has also got quite a few soon-to-be bestselling books and video games for you to enjoy.