To Binge or Not to Binge: That’s the Streaming Question

Photo Courtesy: GettyImages

How many streaming services are you paying for or trying out right now? There’s the original one: Netflix. There’s the one that also comes with package and grocery deliveries: Amazon Prime. There’s the service to which we owe Normal People and Little Fires Everywhere, Hulu; the one that gave us Ted Lasso, Apple TV+; and the one where we’ll be able to watch the new season of The Good Fight, Paramount Plus. There’s the one for fans of dragons and psychological thrillers, HBO Max. There’s even one for anime fans, Crunchyroll. And then you have the one for Baby Yoda and Captain America’s mantle enthusiasts: Disney Plus.

The so-called streaming wars are so heated that on any given month you’re probably checking which streaming service is releasing what to make your decision about which ones to keep paying for and which ones to temporarily cancel. Check our article on what’s coming in April 2021 if you need help deciding how to spend your streaming budget.

The only thing that’s managed to trample the ever-growing number of scripted TV shows per year during Peak TV is COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, the latest seasons of shows like Billions and The Good Fight saw their productions suspended. The release dates of the new seasons of The Witcher, American Horror Story and Foundation, among many other titles, have been postponed to accommodate delayed production.

And while you might be running out of TV to watch, the slow development of new shows is not the only change we’re seeing in the streaming landscape.