12 TV Shows That Capture Hispanic American Experiences

Michael Cimino in “Love, Victor”; Indya Moore and Angel Bismark Curiel in “Pose”; America Ferrera in “Ugly Betty.” Photo Courtesy: Hulu/FX/ABC

We already got the Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations kicked off with our list of 12 films that capture Hispanic American experiences. So now it’s time to talk about some TV shows written, directed or starring people whose ancestors are from Spanish-speaking cultures.

We’ve used the same criteria we did with our movies selection, rather than including titles from Latin American or Spanish creators centering experiences from abroad, we focus on series set in the U.S. and that capture Latinx, Latine and Hispanic experiences.

Bear in mind that Latinidad is a very broad concept to represent within a single show — or even a dozen of them. We’ve tried to include stories from first-, second- and third-generation people with Latin roots who may not necessarily speak Spanish as well as a few immigrant tales, Chicana tales and those of people of Dominican, Puerto Rican and Cuban descent.