Want to Save on Airfare? Alaska Airlines’ Credit Card Is a Traveler’s Must-Have for Miles

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A credit card could save you money by giving you cash back or access to specials and discounts. Choosing the right credit card for your lifestyle takes consideration. This article will break down why the Alaska Airlines credit card might be a great choice for you.

Keep in mind that, while certain perks and conditions discussed below were accurate at the time of this article was written, these features and benefits are subject to change at any time at the card issuer’s discretion. For the most up-to-date information, contact Bank of America directly.

What Is the Alaska Airlines Credit Card?

The Alaska Airlines credit card is offered by Bank of America and Alaska Airlines. Using the card offers you rewards that you can later redeem while traveling with Alaska Airlines. The card also comes in handy when traveling on partner airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Korean Air, LATAM Airlines, and Emirates. Additional airline partners include Cathay Pacific, Fiji Airways, and American Airlines.

After spending $2,000 within the first 90 days of opening your account, you can receive a welcome bonus from Alaska Airlines. The bonus includes a $100 statement credit and $40,000 bonus miles. You’ll also access Alaska’s Famous Companion Fare™ from $121, enabling you to book an economy round trip at alaskaair.com for you and another guest using a similar itinerary and the mileage credit accrual if you book simultaneously. Also, with the Alaska Airlines credit card, you can check bags for yourself and up to six companions for free and could save as much as $420 for seven people per roundtrip.

When you use your card to pay for day passes at the Alaska Lounge, you can receive 50% off. If you make an inflight purchase for Wi-Fi, food, or beverages, using the Airfare Alaska Airlines credit card gives you 20% back. That means you can upload those beautiful Alaska photographs you took while enjoying your Alaska Marine Highway trip, knowing you won’t pay an arm and a leg for internet services.

You also won’t have to pay foreign transaction fees while outside of the United States. When shopping using foreign currency, you won’t incur any extra costs.

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Finally, by using your Alaska Airlines credit card, you accumulate travel miles. These miles can be used to reduce the price of airline tickets when you fly with Alaska Airlines.

For every $1 you spend on eligible Alaska airline purchases, you earn an unlimited three miles as your reward. Also, for all other purchases, you earn an unlimited one mile per $1 spent.

With enough mileage points, you can select Alaska Airlines travel packages that allow you to redeem those points and significantly cut down on the cost of your Alaska Airlines tickets or tickets to other destinations where Alaska Airlines’ partners fly.

Pros of the Alaska Airlines Credit Card

The Alaska Airlines credit card has no foreign transaction fees, whereas other credit card services might charge nearly 3% of the value of your purchases. You also save a significant amount of money when you and your guests check in your bags.


In addition, if Alaska Airlines doesn’t travel to your preferred destination, you can still redeem your credit card miles when you travel with partner airlines and those that belong to the Oneworld Alliance. As a result, you can travel to over 1,000 destinations using your earned miles. 

Cons of the Alaska Airlines Credit Card

The Alaska Airlines card also has its share of cons. For starters, there is an annual fee of $75. If you want to transfer your balance, you’ll pay 3% of each transaction total per transaction. Unfortunately, you may not be able to acquire an Alaska Airlines credit card if you have a low to moderate credit score.


You also need to know that the credit card does not offer priority boarding as a perk. And when you want to enjoy the Famous Companion Fare program, you must only travel using Alaska Airlines. So, if the airline does not cover your destination, you may miss out on the program’s benefits.

Comparison With Other Credit Cards

Let’s take a look at how the Alaska Airlines credit card compares to other airlines’ credit cards.

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First, the Delta SkyMiles credit card does not charge any fee in the first year. When you spend $2,000 in the first three months, you can enjoy up to 70,000 bonus miles. However, unlike Alaska Airlines’ rewards system, it only allows one free checked bag, earns you two miles per every $1 spent on qualified purchases, and requires an annual fee of $99 after the introductory period.

On the other hand, the United Explorer card offers two free lounge passes per year and up to 70,000 bonus miles, and it doesn’t charge an introductory fee. It also provides credit worth $100 to pay for Global Entry®, NEXUS Fee, or TSA PreCheck® fees. Once the introductory period is over, you’ll pay a $95 annual fee, and its mile program is limited to two miles per $1 spent on qualified purchases. You must also spend $3,000 in the first three months to enjoy the 60,000 bonus miles available.

Unlike the Alaska Airlines credit card, the American Airlines credit card only offers 10,000 bonus miles, a $50 statement credit, and two miles per $1 spent on eligible purchases. However, it has no annual fee, and you only need to spend $500 in the first three months to get the bonus miles on offer.

We hope you have a better understanding of the benefits of using an Alaska Airlines credit card after reading this article. Accumulating air miles, enjoying discounts for both yourself and your friends when traveling, and knowing that you’re saving as you spend are just some of the perks to consider when evaluating whether this card is the right new addition for your wallet.