Avoiding the Crowds: Special Queue Options for British Museum Timed Tickets

The British Museum, located in the heart of London, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. With over 8 million visitors each year, it’s no surprise that the museum can get quite crowded. However, with special queue options for timed tickets, you can avoid the long lines and make the most of your visit. In this article, we will explore these special queue options and how they can enhance your experience at the British Museum.

The Benefits of Timed Tickets

Before we dive into the special queue options, let’s first understand why timed tickets are a great choice when visiting the British Museum. Timed tickets allow visitors to book a specific entry time slot in advance. This means that instead of waiting in line for hours, you can arrive at your designated time and enjoy a seamless entry into the museum.

Timed tickets not only help manage crowd control but also ensure that you have enough time to explore all that the museum has to offer. With a set entry time, you can plan your visit accordingly and allocate sufficient time for each exhibit or gallery without feeling rushed.

Fast Track Entry: Skip the Line

One of the special queue options available for timed ticket holders is fast track entry. As its name suggests, this option allows you to bypass the regular queues and enter through a dedicated fast track entrance. By choosing this option, you can save valuable time and make your way into the museum swiftly.

Fast track entry is particularly beneficial during peak tourist seasons or weekends when queues tend to be longer. It ensures that you spend less time waiting and more time immersing yourself in the fascinating history and art on display at the British Museum.

Members Only Queue: Exclusive Access

Another perk available to those with timed tickets is access to a members-only queue. This queue is exclusively reserved for members of certain groups, such as museum members, patrons, or sponsors. By utilizing this queue, you can enjoy a more exclusive and streamlined entry experience.

The members-only queue often has shorter waiting times compared to the regular queues. This allows you to enter the museum with ease and start exploring without any unnecessary delays. If you are a member of the British Museum or have a membership with a partner organization, be sure to take advantage of this special queue option.

Early Bird Entry: Beat the Rush

For those who prefer a quieter visit to the British Museum, early bird entry is an excellent choice. With this special queue option, timed ticket holders have the opportunity to enter the museum before it officially opens to the public. This exclusive access allows you to beat the rush and explore the exhibits in a more serene atmosphere.

Early bird entry not only provides a peaceful environment but also gives you ample time to fully appreciate each display without being jostled by large crowds. It’s an ideal option for visitors who wish to delve deeper into the museum’s treasures or simply want a more relaxed experience during their visit.


When planning your visit to the British Museum, timed tickets with special queue options can significantly enhance your overall experience. Whether you choose fast track entry, members-only queues, or early bird access, these options allow you to avoid long lines and make the most of your time at one of London’s most renowned cultural institutions. So go ahead and book your timed ticket in advance for a hassle-free and enjoyable visit to the British Museum.

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