Best Panama Canal Cruises

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The Panama Canal is a bucket-list destination for many and you can even explore it on a cruise. Cruise ships have remained one of the most luxurious and highly coveted modes of travel. A Panama Canal Cruise is a great option if you combine your love for the sea with a desire to explore distant lands. Read on for the best Panama Canal cruises you can take.

About the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is about 82 kilometers long. In 2016 there was an expansion, enabling larger cruise ships to sail through the historic site. While the starting point and ending point for different Panama Canal cruises may vary, all of them usually include a nine to ten-hour transit of the canal itself between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. If you have been considering booking a one-in-a-lifetime voyage for you and your friends or family, here are some of the best Panama Canal cruises you should explore.

UnCruise Adventures: One Week Costa Rica & Panama Vacation Cruise

The one-week-long Costa Rica & Panama Vacation Cruise offers you the unique opportunity to enjoy the sun, beach, and palm trees as you explore the breathtaking beach destinations on this incredible voyage. The cruise travels from San Jose, Costa Rica, to Panama City for seven nights. Along the way, guests can visit the Panama Canal, Pearl Islands, Gulf of Panama, and even Coiba National Park. Offering the perfect blends of coasts and jungles, the UnCruise Adventure cruise is best for wildlife lovers and adrenaline junkies who want to explore various activities such as kayaking and hiking.

Aptly named the Safari Voyager, the UnCruise Adventures cruise ship for the Panama Canal cruise offers an exciting array of onboard expedition and heritage guides. Guests can learn more about the history behind the unique sites they will visit along the way. 

The UnCruise Adventure is an exciting trip that offers a lot of activities. However, it is worth noting that the route and itinerary are quite packed with back-to-back activities. Hence, this cruise trip might feel a bit overwhelming or tiring for someone who would prefer to have a more restful vacation. You can take this weeklong trip starting at $5,595 per person.

Disney Cruise Line: 14-Night Very Merrytime Eastbound Panama Canal Cruise

Have you always wanted to visit Disneyland? Well, how about being immersed in the Disney experience aboard the world-famous Disney Cruise Line? The 14-Night Very Merrytime Cruise occurs in December, and it is a Christmas-themed voyage. The ship displays loads of Disney characters in holiday attire, as well as special Broadway-quality shows and show-stopping decor. With eight destinations and seven days at sea, you will be spoiled for choice with various activities for adults, teens, and kids. 

The route begins from San Diego and ends in Galveston, Texas. It has various ports at Cozumel, Cartagena, Panama Canal, and Cabo San Lucas. The Disney Cruise tends to have a lot of families on board, with young children/teenagers forming a large percentage of the occupants. Hence, this voyage would not be well-suited for you if you want a quiet trip away. This vacation starts at $4,732 per person.

Norwegian Cruise Line: 12-Day Cruise on Norwegian Jewel

The Norwegian Cruise Line has some of the largest cruise ships. Before the Panama Canal’s expansion, some Norwegian Cruise Line ships were so large that they couldn’t cross the waterway. The 12-day Panama Canal Cruise aboard the renovated Norwegian Jewel allows guests to enjoy an immersive experience with a bustling array of activities both onboard and at the ports of call. The itinerary includes nice ports spread across seven countries with a variety of excursions. It includes a trip to a local coffee plantation in Puerto Caldera, along with a camel ride on the beach in Cabo San Lucas.

With over 2,000 occupants on the Norwegian Jewel, various shows, excursions and activities can easily become packed or sold out aboard this ship. Hence, the Norwegian Panama Cruise might feel slightly overcrowded for individuals who would prefer to sail with a smaller crowd. There are various cruise offers available from $1,149 per person.

Holland America Line: 23-Day Panama Canal Cruise

If you are looking for an extended vacation where you will enjoy several weeks away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, then the Holland America Line 23-day Panama Cruise is the perfect trip for you. The voyage departs from Vancouver, BC, and arrives at Fort Lauderdale after 23 days of oceanic bliss. Some of the ports of call include San Francisco, Puerto Vallarta, Corinto, Puerto Caldera, Aruba, and Puerto Quetzal. The Holland America Line’s Nieuw Amsterdam is undoubtedly a moving piece of art with its robust art collection worth over $3 million. 

The ship can accommodate over 2,000 guests. Some onboard activities include the Lincoln Center Stage, B.B. King’s Blues Club, and BBC Earth In Concert. The large capacity of the Holland America Line and the long cruise time can lead to sea fatigue for some passengers. Guests need to be mentally prepared for a long voyage with many sea days. The cruise experience charges rates start from $1,599 per person.

Star Clippers: Royal Clipper Barbados to Panama 14 Nights

Are you looking to go on a cruise for your honeymoon? Well, the Royal Clipper Barbados to Panama Cruise is a romantic voyage aboard one of the world’s largest sail ships. The dazzling voyage will pass through leading tourist destinations such as St. Lucia, Curacao, and Aruba. The ship accommodates less than 250 guests onboard, offering a cozy and exclusive comfort that makes you feel like you’re on your own private yacht. 

Some passengers tend to experience sea sickness aboard sailing cruises, so you might need to take extra precautions to keep motion sickness at bay during this two-week voyage. The cost per person for Royal Clipper Barbados to Panama Cruise starts from $3,990.

With the numerous options at your disposal, go ahead and book a trip with your loved ones to explore the historic celebrity cruises Panama Canal has to offer. It will undoubtedly be an unmatched world-class experience on the high seas!