Breath of the Wild: Unlocking Powerful Armor Upgrades with Essential Materials

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, one of the key elements to surviving in the vast and dangerous world of Hyrule is upgrading your armor sets. By enhancing your armor, you can increase your defense, resistance to elemental damage, and even gain special abilities. However, unlocking these powerful upgrades requires gathering specific materials scattered throughout Hyrule. In this article, we will explore the essential materials needed for upgrading armor sets in Breath of the Wild.

Gathering Basic Materials

To begin your journey towards obtaining powerful armor upgrades, it is crucial to gather basic materials. These materials are commonly found all around Hyrule and include items such as monster parts, ores, and insects. Monster parts can be obtained by defeating enemies throughout Hyrule, while ores can be mined from rocks using a mining tool like a hammer or a bomb. Insects can be found by exploring grassy areas or cutting down trees.

Obtaining Rare Materials

Once you have gathered enough basic materials, it’s time to move on to obtaining rare materials required for upgrading specific armor sets. Each set of armor requires different rare materials that are typically obtained from defeating powerful enemies or completing challenging quests. For example, the “Barbarian” set requires Lynel parts which can only be obtained by defeating Lynels – some of the toughest enemies in the game.

To obtain rare materials efficiently, it’s recommended to visit specific locations where these enemies spawn frequently. By observing their attack patterns and utilizing your combat skills effectively, you’ll increase your chances of obtaining their valuable parts.

Finding Elemental Materials

In addition to basic and rare materials, certain armor upgrades in Breath of the Wild require elemental materials such as dragon scales or fireproof lizard tails. These special ingredients can provide unique resistances against elements like fire or electricity.

To find elemental materials, you’ll need to interact with the wildlife and environment in specific ways. For example, shooting down a dragon with well-aimed arrows can yield valuable dragon scales. Fireproof lizard tails can be obtained by catching fireproof lizards found in volcanic regions. By exploring different areas and experimenting with interactions, you’ll uncover the elemental materials needed for your armor upgrades.

Trading for Specific Materials

If you’re having trouble finding certain materials or simply wish to speed up the upgrading process, trading is another option worth considering. Throughout Hyrule, there are various merchants willing to exchange rare materials for other items or currencies.

For instance, the Gerudo town features a vendor who will trade valuable gemstones for rare monster parts. Additionally, some merchants will accept Korok seeds – collectible items scattered throughout Hyrule – in exchange for unique armor upgrade materials.

By keeping an eye out for these trading opportunities and accumulating valuable resources, you can quickly obtain the necessary materials to unlock powerful armor upgrades.


In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, upgrading your armor sets is essential for survival and success in combat. By gathering basic materials, obtaining rare ingredients from challenging enemies or quests, finding elemental components through unique interactions with wildlife and environment, and utilizing trading opportunities with vendors throughout Hyrule, you can unlock powerful armor upgrades that will greatly enhance your abilities as you journey through this expansive open-world adventure. So gear up and start collecting those essential materials to become a true champion.

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