Building the Perfect Team in Pixelmon Play: Best Pokemon Combinations

Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure in Pixelmon Play? This popular Minecraft mod allows players to catch and train Pokemon in a virtual world. One of the most crucial aspects of the game is building a strong and balanced team of Pokemon. In this article, we will explore some of the best Pokemon combinations that will help you dominate battles and become a true Pixelmon master.

Understanding Type Matchups

Before diving into specific Pokemon combinations, it is essential to understand type matchups. Each Pokemon has one or two types, which determine their strengths and weaknesses in battles. Some types are super effective against others, while some are not very effective or even ineffective. For example, Water-type moves are super effective against Fire-type Pokemon but not very effective against Grass-types.

When building your team, it is crucial to have a diverse range of types to cover as many matchups as possible. This will give you an advantage when facing different opponents with various Pokemon types.

The Starter Trio

When starting your Pixelmon Play journey, you will be given a choice between three starter Pokemon: Bulbasaur (Grass/Poison), Charmander (Fire), and Squirtle (Water). Each starter has its own strengths and weaknesses.

A classic combination that offers great coverage is selecting Bulbasaur as your starter. With its Grass/Poison typing, Bulbasaur has an advantage over Water-types like Squirtle. Additionally, its Poison typing helps neutralize Fairy-types that could pose a threat later in the game. To round out your starter trio, consider catching a Flying-type like Pidgey or Spearow to counter Grass-types that may give Bulbasaur trouble.


The Powerhouse Duo

To truly dominate battles in Pixelmon Play, you’ll need a powerful duo that can deal massive damage and cover each other’s weaknesses. One of the most formidable combinations is Gyarados (Water/Flying) and Alakazam (Psychic).

Gyarados is a force to be reckoned with. Its Water/Flying typing makes it immune to Ground-type moves, which are super effective against Electric-types like Alakazam. Gyarados can learn a wide range of powerful Water and Flying moves that can deal heavy damage to various types.


Alakazam, on the other hand, is a Psychic-type powerhouse. It boasts exceptional Special Attack stats and a diverse movepool of Psychic-type moves that can decimate Fighting, Poison, and even Ghost-types. Its only major weakness lies in its low Defense stat, so pairing it with Gyarados provides excellent coverage.

The Utility Pokemon

The final section of your team should consist of utility Pokemon that can provide support and cover any remaining weaknesses. One popular choice is Arcanine (Fire), a versatile Pokemon known for its high Attack stat and wide movepool.

Arcanine can learn moves from various types, including Fire, Electric, Dragon, and even Normal-type moves like Extreme Speed. This versatility allows it to adapt to different situations and counter opponents effectively. Furthermore, Arcanine’s Fire typing covers the Grass weakness shared by Bulbasaur.


Another useful utility Pokemon is Lapras (Water/Ice). With its combination of Water and Ice typing, Lapras has excellent coverage against Ground, Flying, Grass, Dragon, and even Fire-types. Additionally, Lapras learns powerful Ice-type moves like Ice Beam or Blizzard that can deal massive damage.


Building the perfect team in Pixelmon Play requires careful consideration of type matchups and strategic combinations. By understanding type strengths and weaknesses while incorporating powerful duos like Gyarados/Alakazam or utility Pokemon like Arcanine/Lapras into your team composition, you will be well on your way to becoming a Pixelmon master. So, gather your Pokemon, train them diligently, and prepare for epic battles in the world of Pixelmon Play.

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