A Comprehensive Guide to Biltmore Estate Ticket Prices: What You Need to Know

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, is a renowned historic landmark and tourist destination. Spanning over 8,000 acres, this grand estate offers visitors a glimpse into the opulent world of the Vanderbilt family. However, before planning your visit to the Biltmore Estate, it is crucial to understand the ticket prices and options available. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about Biltmore Estate ticket prices.

General Admission Tickets

When it comes to exploring the Biltmore Estate, general admission tickets are your gateway to all its wonders. These tickets provide access to the magnificent Biltmore House and Gardens, including self-guided tours through the historic rooms and access to various exhibitions. Additionally, general admission tickets grant entry to Antler Hill Village & Winery and all of its attractions.

The pricing for general admission tickets varies depending on several factors such as age and time of visit. Adult ticket prices range from $64-$99 per person for peak season visits (March through October) and $50-$75 per person for off-peak season visits (November through February). Children aged 10-16 can enjoy discounted rates ranging from $32-$49 during peak season and $25-$37 during off-peak season. Children under 10 years old receive free admission.

Specialty Tours

For those seeking a more in-depth experience at the Biltmore Estate, specialty tours are available at an additional cost. These tours offer visitors exclusive access to certain areas of the estate that are not included in general admission.

One popular specialty tour is “The Upstairs-Downton Abbey Exhibition Tour.” This tour takes guests behind the scenes of filming Downton Abbey on location at Biltmore. The ticket price for this tour is $20 per person on top of the general admission ticket.

Another specialty tour worth considering is the “Rooftop Tour.” This guided tour provides a unique perspective of the Biltmore House, allowing visitors to explore areas not typically accessible to the public. The Rooftop Tour costs an additional $25 per person and requires participants to be at least 8 years old.

Seasonal Events and Add-Ons

Throughout the year, the Biltmore Estate hosts various seasonal events that offer additional attractions and experiences for visitors. These events often require separate tickets or add-ons to your general admission ticket.

During springtime, the Biltmore Blooms festival showcases breathtaking displays of flowers throughout the estate’s gardens. To attend this event, guests must purchase a Spring Flower Ticket Add-on for an extra $20 per person in addition to their general admission ticket.

In autumn, the estate comes alive with vibrant fall colors during the Fall at Biltmore celebration. For an enhanced experience during this season, visitors can opt for a Fall Foliage Ticket Add-on. Priced at $25 per person, this add-on allows access to special viewing areas and guided tours through picturesque foliage spots.

Annual Passes

For frequent visitors or locals who wish to enjoy unlimited access to the Biltmore Estate year-round, annual passes are available. These passes provide incredible value and exclusive benefits beyond general admission tickets.

The Annual Pass options include various perks such as unlimited daytime visits, discounts on dining and shopping within the estate, discounted guest tickets, and special offers on specialty tours. Prices for annual passes range from $174-$284 per adult depending on whether you choose a basic pass or one with enhanced benefits.

In conclusion, understanding Biltmore Estate ticket prices is essential when planning your visit to this historic landmark. Whether you opt for general admission tickets or choose to enhance your experience with specialty tours or seasonal event add-ons, the Biltmore Estate offers a range of options to suit every visitor’s needs. Consider the various ticket prices and options available to make the most of your visit to this magnificent estate.

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