The Early Years of Cincinnati Bengals Football: Unraveling Their Inception Date

The Cincinnati Bengals have become a prominent name in the world of American football, capturing the hearts of fans across the country. But have you ever wondered when this iconic team first took to the field? In this article, we will delve into the early years of Cincinnati Bengals football and uncover their inception date.

The Birth of a Team: Establishing the Cincinnati Bengals

The year was 1966 when professional football made its way to Cincinnati. After years of anticipation, local businessman Paul Brown was awarded an expansion franchise by the NFL. With his extensive experience as a successful coach and founder of the Cleveland Browns, Brown was well-equipped to lead this new venture.

On November 22, 1967, it was officially announced that Cincinnati had been awarded an AFL franchise team. The team’s name, “Bengals,” was chosen through a fan contest and pays homage to Paul Brown’s time as head coach at Ohio’s Massillon Tigers.

Inaugural Season: Taking the Field for the First Time

With their inception set in motion, it was time for the Cincinnati Bengals to step onto the gridiron for their inaugural season. The year that marked their debut was 1968 – an exciting time not only for fans but also for players eager to make history.

Led by head coach Paul Brown himself, with quarterback John Stofa at the helm, the Bengals played their first official game on September 6, 1968. They faced off against another expansion team, Kansas City Chiefs, in what would be remembered as a historic moment in Cincinnati sports history.

Although they fell short in their first game with a final score of 24-19 in favor of Kansas City Chiefs, it became apparent that this new team had potential. Despite challenges faced during that initial season – including injuries and tough competition – there were glimpses of the talent and determination that would define the Cincinnati Bengals in the years to come.

The Early Years: Building a Foundation for Success

The early years of any sports franchise are crucial in establishing a foundation for future success. For the Cincinnati Bengals, this period was marked by building a strong team and cultivating a loyal fan base.

Under Paul Brown’s leadership, the team steadily improved as they focused on player recruitment and development. Notable players such as quarterback Greg Cook and wide receiver Charlie Joiner joined the Bengals’ roster, bringing skill and talent to the field.

Off the field, the team worked tirelessly to engage with fans and establish themselves within the community. Through various outreach programs, charity events, and community involvement, they began to forge a bond with Cincinnati residents that still holds strong today.


The inception of the Cincinnati Bengals in 1968 marked an exciting new chapter in professional football history. From their humble beginnings as an expansion franchise to becoming a beloved team with a dedicated fan base, their journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

As we reflect on their early years, it becomes clear that success was not achieved overnight. It took perseverance, dedication, and a shared vision to build what is now known as one of football’s most iconic teams. So next time you cheer on your favorite Bengal player or witness them score an unforgettable touchdown, remember their roots – rooted deep within Cincinnati’s rich football history.

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