Exploring the Best Free Camping Apps for Your Australian Adventure

Are you planning an adventurous trip to Australia and looking forward to exploring its stunning landscapes and natural wonders? If so, then you’ll definitely want to make sure you have all the necessary tools and resources at your fingertips. One essential tool that can enhance your camping experience is a reliable camping app. In this article, we will explore the best free camping apps available for your Australian adventure.

WikiCamps Australia

One of the most popular and highly recommended camping apps in Australia is WikiCamps. This comprehensive app provides a wealth of information about campgrounds, caravan parks, rest areas, and other camping spots across the country. With WikiCamps, you can easily search for campsites near your location or in specific regions, making it perfect for both spontaneous road trips and well-planned journeys.

The app offers detailed information on each campground, including facilities available, contact details, user reviews, photos, and even offline maps that can be accessed without an internet connection. You can also filter your search based on specific criteria such as pet-friendly sites or those with access for people with disabilities.

WikiCamps is constantly updated by its dedicated community of users who share their experiences and provide up-to-date information about campsites. This ensures that you have access to the latest insights and recommendations when planning your Australian adventure.


Another fantastic free camping app that should not be overlooked is CamperMate. This app covers not only campgrounds but also a wide range of essential information for travelers such as public toilets, dump stations, petrol stations, supermarkets, Wi-Fi spots, attractions, and much more.

CamperMate allows users to find campsites based on their current location or search by specific regions. The app provides detailed descriptions of each campground along with user reviews and ratings to help you make informed decisions about where to stay. It also offers offline maps and the ability to save favorite locations for easy access later.

One unique feature of CamperMate is its “Near Me” function, which shows all nearby amenities and points of interest. This can be extremely helpful when you’re on the road and in need of supplies or looking for interesting places to explore during your trip.

Free Range Camping

If you prefer a more streamlined app that focuses specifically on free camping options, then Free Range Camping is the perfect choice for you. This app provides a comprehensive database of free campsites throughout Australia, allowing you to find secluded spots away from crowded campgrounds.

Free Range Camping offers detailed information about each site, including facilities available, access requirements, and user reviews. The app also includes a handy offline mode, so even if you find yourself in an area with no internet connection, you can still access all the important details about your chosen campsite.

The app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and search for campsites based on your preferences. Whether you’re looking for beachside camping spots or remote bush settings, Free Range Camping has got you covered.


GoSeeAustralia is another excellent camping app that provides a comprehensive directory of campgrounds and caravan parks across Australia. In addition to offering detailed information about each site’s facilities and contact details, GoSeeAustralia also features special deals and discounts exclusive to its users.

The app allows users to search for campsites by location or browse through various categories such as national parks, pet-friendly sites, or those with specific amenities like swimming pools or BBQ areas. With GoSeeAustralia, you can easily plan your itinerary based on your preferences and budget while taking advantage of money-saving offers along the way.


When embarking on an Australian adventure filled with camping under starlit skies and breathtaking landscapes, having the right tools at hand can greatly enhance your experience. The free camping apps mentioned above, including WikiCamps Australia, CamperMate, Free Range Camping, and GoSeeAustralia, offer a wealth of information about campgrounds and other essential amenities. With these apps in your pocket, you can navigate the vast Australian wilderness with confidence and make the most out of your camping adventure.

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