Exploring the Best R3 Build Options in Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder is a popular incremental game that offers players the opportunity to build and manage their own fantasy realm. With each reincarnation, players have the chance to explore different build options and strategies to maximize their progress. In this article, we will delve into the best R3 build options in Realm Grinder, providing you with valuable insights to help you make informed decisions and achieve optimal results.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Build

Choosing the right build in Realm Grinder is crucial for making significant progress in the game. Each reincarnation presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities, requiring players to adapt their strategies accordingly. By selecting the best build for your R3 playthrough, you can effectively optimize your resource generation, unlock powerful upgrades, and ultimately advance faster in the game.

Fairy Build: Harnessing Enchanted Realms

The Fairy build is one of the most popular choices for R3 players due to its efficiency in resource generation. By utilizing Fairy Chanting, Fairy builds allow for rapid spellcasting and prolonged spell durations. This build heavily relies on maximizing Fairy Chanting’s ability to increase production by 100 times while active.

To further enhance production rates, players can also invest heavily in other Fairy-specific upgrades such as Rainbow Link and Swarm of Fairies. These upgrades synergize well with Fairy Chanting, allowing for exponential resource growth during each spell cast.

With proper management of spell casting cycles and strategic use of other spells like Moon Blessing or Diamond Pickaxe, a well-executed Fairy build can provide an impressive boost to production rates during R3 playthroughs.

Goblin Build: Embracing Greed

If you prefer a more aggressive approach that focuses on amassing wealth quickly, then a Goblin build may be your best bet during R3 playthroughs. Goblins excel at generating coins through their unique upgrade Goblin’s Greed, which multiplies the production of all buildings based on the number of coins owned.

To fully exploit Goblin’s Greed, players should invest in upgrades such as Goblin Banker and Goblin Central Bank, which further amplify coin production. Additionally, unlocking the Goblin Heritage upgrade can significantly boost your overall production by increasing the duration of Goblin’s Greed.

It is worth noting that a Goblin build requires active play and frequent interaction with the game to maximize its potential. Constantly casting spells like Tax Collection to generate additional coins and utilizing other abilities like Combo Strike can further optimize your progression with this build.

Undead Build: Embracing Death’s Power

For players who enjoy a more strategic approach and are willing to embrace the dark side, an Undead build offers unique advantages during R3 playthroughs. The Undead faction specializes in Necromancy, which allows them to increase their production based on the number of Assistants owned.

By investing in upgrades such as Dead Fields and Corpse Supply, players can significantly boost their Assistant count and consequently enhance their overall production. Additionally, unlocking the Undead Heritage upgrade further augments this build by increasing Assistants’ efficiency.

To make the most out of an Undead build, it is essential to focus on maximizing Assistant count through spells like Night Time or Excavation. Proper coordination with other abilities like Dark Ritual or Blood Frenzy can also provide substantial boosts during specific stages of your R3 playthrough.


In Realm Grinder, choosing the right build for your R3 playthrough is paramount for achieving optimal progress. Whether you prefer a Fairy build for increased resource generation, a Goblin build for rapid wealth accumulation, or an Undead build for strategic power boosts – each option offers unique advantages that can propel you forward in different ways.

Experimentation plays a vital role in discovering what works best for your playstyle and goals. By carefully considering these R3 build options and investing in the corresponding upgrades, you can pave your way to success in Realm Grinder and create a thriving fantasy realm.

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