Exploring the Best Rune Options for Brand in ARAM Mode

ARAM mode in League of Legends is a fast-paced and chaotic game mode that puts players in intense team fights from the very beginning. In this mode, players are randomly assigned champions, which means you may find yourself playing as Brand, the fiery mage known for his devastating area-of-effect damage. To maximize your impact as Brand in ARAM, it’s crucial to choose the right rune options. In this article, we will explore some of the best rune options for Brand in ARAM mode.

Precision Tree: Keystone Rune – Arcane Comet

Arcane Comet is a keystone rune from the Precision tree that synergizes perfectly with Brand’s ability kit. As a champion with multiple area-of-effect spells, Brand can easily trigger Arcane Comet on multiple enemies at once. This powerful rune deals bonus magic damage to any enemy hit by your damaging abilities, providing additional burst damage during team fights.

Another reason why Arcane Comet is an excellent choice for Brand in ARAM mode is its cooldown reduction when hitting champions with abilities. Since team fights are frequent and often prolonged in this game mode, you will have plenty of opportunities to reduce Arcane Comet’s cooldown and consistently dish out additional damage.

Sorcery Tree: Secondary Rune – Manaflow Band

Mana management is crucial for success as Brand in ARAM mode due to the constant skirmishes and limited access to resources. This is where Manaflow Band comes into play. By choosing this secondary rune from the Sorcery tree, you gain bonus maximum mana every time you hit an enemy champion with an ability or spend a certain amount of mana.

Having extra mana allows you to cast more spells and maintain your presence in team fights without running out of resources too quickly. This becomes especially important when playing as Brand since his abilities consume a significant amount of mana.

Domination Tree: Third Rune – Eyeball Collection

Eyeball Collection is a rune from the Domination tree that grants bonus attack damage or ability power based on the number of unique champion takedowns you participate in. In ARAM mode, where team fights are frequent and kills are abundant, this rune can quickly stack up and provide a substantial boost to your damage output.

As Brand, your goal is to deal as much damage as possible during team fights, and Eyeball Collection helps you achieve just that. With every takedown, you become even stronger, making it easier to wipe out entire enemy teams with your fiery spells.

Inspiration Tree: Fourth Rune – Cosmic Insight

To round out your rune choices for Brand in ARAM mode, Cosmic Insight from the Inspiration tree proves to be an invaluable pick. This rune provides cooldown reduction on your summoner spells and item actives, allowing you to make more frequent use of crucial abilities like Flash or ignite.

In ARAM mode, where every second counts and split-second decisions can turn the tide of a team fight, having reduced cooldowns on summoner spells can be a game-changer. Additionally, Cosmic Insight also grants increased cooldown reduction cap on all abilities and item actives, ensuring that you have access to your powerful ultimates more often.

In conclusion, when playing as Brand in ARAM mode, selecting the right runes is essential for maximizing your impact in team fights. The combination of Arcane Comet from the Precision tree for bonus burst damage, Manaflow Band from Sorcery for improved mana management, Eyeball Collection from Domination for increased damage output with champion takedowns, and Cosmic Insight from Inspiration for reduced cooldowns will provide you with a potent arsenal to burn down enemies and carry your team to victory.

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