Exploring the Hidden ESO Cow Locations: A Map and Guide

The world of The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is vast and filled with countless secrets waiting to be discovered. One such secret that has captured the attention of players is the presence of hidden cow locations scattered throughout the game. These elusive bovines can be found in various regions, each offering its own unique rewards and challenges. In this article, we will take a closer look at these hidden ESO cow locations, providing you with a map and guide to help you embark on your quest to find them.

The Whispering Cow: Shadowfen

Our journey begins in Shadowfen, a treacherous swampland filled with danger at every turn. Nestled deep within the marshes lies the Whispering Cow, an ethereal creature said to possess mystical powers. To find this elusive bovine, head towards the southeastern part of Shadowfen, near Forsaken Hamlet.

Upon reaching Forsaken Hamlet, make your way towards the southern edge of the village until you come across a small path leading into a dense thicket. Follow this path carefully as it winds through the swampy terrain. Eventually, you will stumble upon a clearing where you will find the Whispering Cow peacefully grazing.

Interacting with this mystical creature will grant you unique buffs that can aid you in your adventures throughout Tamriel. Make sure to pay close attention to its whispers as they may hold valuable information about hidden treasures or quests within Shadowfen.

The Golden Heifer: Eastmarch

Next on our list is the Golden Heifer located in Eastmarch, an icy region known for its harsh climate and towering mountains. This majestic cow can be found atop one of these peaks, offering stunning views and valuable rewards for those brave enough to reach it.

To begin your journey towards finding the Golden Heifer, head towards Windhelm, one of Eastmarch’s main cities. From Windhelm, make your way to the south and look for a path leading up into the mountains. Follow this path as it winds its way through the snow-covered slopes.

As you ascend higher, be prepared for treacherous weather conditions and hostile creatures that inhabit these mountains. After a challenging climb, you will eventually reach the summit where the Golden Heifer awaits. Interacting with this radiant bovine will grant you a significant boost to your gold acquisition, making it an essential visit for any aspiring treasure hunter.

The Enchanted Bull: Glenumbra

Our next destination takes us to Glenumbra, a picturesque region known for its rolling hills and ancient ruins. Here, hidden amongst the lush meadows, lies the Enchanted Bull – a creature of immense power and magical prowess.

To find this elusive cow, head towards Daggerfall, one of Glenumbra’s major cities. From Daggerfall, make your way west towards Camlorn. As you venture further into Camlorn’s outskirts, keep an eye out for an old stone bridge leading into a dense forest.

Crossing this bridge will take you deeper into the heart of Glenumbra’s countryside. Follow the winding paths through sun-dappled groves until you come across an open field where the Enchanted Bull grazes peacefully. Interacting with this magnificent creature will bestow upon you enhanced magical abilities that can aid you in combat against powerful foes.

The Celestial Calf: Summerset

Our final stop on this journey brings us to Summerset, a land of opulence and beauty inhabited by the High Elves. Hidden within this realm of elegance is the Celestial Calf – a cow said to have descended from celestial realms.

To find this ethereal creature, head towards Alinor – Summerset’s capital city located on its southeastern coast. From Alinor, make your way towards the western part of the island, following the coastline until you come across a secluded beach.

Venture into the crystal-clear waters and swim towards a small island located just off the coast. On this island, you will find the Celestial Calf basking in the warm glow of Summerset’s sun. Interacting with this celestial being will grant you a temporary boost to your overall stats, making it a valuable ally during challenging quests or battles.


The hidden ESO cow locations offer more than just whimsical encounters in an immersive virtual world. Each cow provides unique buffs and rewards that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. Whether you seek enhanced magical abilities, increased gold acquisition, or temporary stat boosts, these elusive bovines hold the key to unlocking hidden potential within Tamriel. So grab your map, prepare for an adventure, and embark on a quest to uncover these hidden treasures in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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