Finding Family Fun: Top Kid-Friendly KOA Campgrounds in Florida

Florida is a state renowned for its beautiful beaches, thrilling theme parks, and abundant outdoor activities. For families looking to combine the joys of camping with endless entertainment options, KOA campgrounds in Florida are the perfect choice. With their family-friendly amenities and convenient locations, these campgrounds offer an unforgettable experience for both kids and adults. In this article, we will explore some of the top kid-friendly KOA campgrounds in Florida and what makes them so special.

Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina

Located in Big Pine Key, Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina is a paradise for families seeking a tropical camping experience. This KOA campground offers an array of activities that will keep kids entertained throughout their stay. From swimming in the crystal-clear pool to kayaking on the pristine waters of the Gulf of Mexico, there is never a dull moment at Sunshine Key.

In addition to water-based fun, this campground features playgrounds where children can climb, slide, and swing to their heart’s content. The resort also organizes regular events like movie nights under the stars and themed parties that bring families together for some quality bonding time.

Orlando / Kissimmee KOA Holiday

If you’re planning a trip to explore the world-famous theme parks of Orlando, look no further than Orlando / Kissimmee KOA Holiday. Situated just minutes away from Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort, this campground offers an ideal base for families seeking adventure.

Aside from its proximity to major attractions, this KOA campground boasts numerous amenities designed with kids in mind. The resort features mini-golf courses where children can practice their putting skills and burn off some energy. There are also bike rentals available for exploring the scenic surroundings or taking a leisurely ride around the campground.

St. Petersburg / Madeira Beach KOA Holiday

For families who love spending time by the water, St. Petersburg / Madeira Beach KOA Holiday is a dream come true. This picturesque campground is located just minutes away from the stunning Gulf Coast beaches, offering endless opportunities for sun, sand, and sea.

Along with beach access, this KOA campground provides a variety of activities to keep kids entertained. From swimming in the pool to challenging each other in a game of basketball or volleyball, there is something for everyone. The resort also organizes regular arts and crafts sessions where children can unleash their creativity and take home unique souvenirs from their camping adventure.

Fort Myers / Pine Island KOA Holiday

Nestled on the shores of Pine Island, Fort Myers / Pine Island KOA Holiday offers a peaceful retreat for families seeking relaxation and natural beauty. Surrounded by lush landscapes and tranquil waters, this campground provides an idyllic setting for creating unforgettable memories.

In addition to its serene surroundings, this KOA campground offers plenty of activities to keep kids entertained. Families can enjoy fishing in the freshwater lake or rent kayaks for a leisurely paddle along the scenic waterways. The resort also features a game room equipped with arcade games and billiards for some friendly competition.


When it comes to family-friendly camping experiences in Florida, KOA campgrounds are hard to beat. Whether you’re looking for thrilling adventures near theme parks or tranquil escapes by pristine beaches, these campgrounds offer something for every family. From Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina in Big Pine Key to Orlando / Kissimmee KOA Holiday near major attractions, St. Petersburg / Madeira Beach KOA Holiday by the Gulf Coast beaches to Fort Myers / Pine Island KOA Holiday surrounded by natural beauty – these top kid-friendly campgrounds provide endless fun and unforgettable memories for families vacationing in Florida.

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