The History and Evolution of the Houston Astros: A Comprehensive Guide

The Houston Astros are a Major League Baseball team based in Houston, Texas. They were founded in 1962 as the Colt .45s and changed their name to the Astros in 1965 when they moved into the Astrodome, which was then known as the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” The team has had a long and storied history, with many notable players and moments. In this comprehensive guide, we will take a look at the history and evolution of the Houston Astros.

Early Years

The early years of the Houston Astros were marked by struggles on the field. The team finished last in their division in each of their first three seasons. However, they began to turn things around in 1965 when they changed their name to the Astros and moved into the Astrodome. In 1969, they made it to their first ever postseason but lost to the New York Mets in the National League Championship Series.

The Killer B’s Era

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Astros had one of their most successful periods on the field thanks to a group of players known as “The Killer B’s.” This group included Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Lance Berkman, Carlos Beltran, and Roy Oswalt. During this time period, they made it to four postseasons but were never able to win a World Series.

The Rebuilding Years

After The Killer B’s era came to an end, the Astros went through a period of rebuilding that lasted several years. However, during this time period they drafted several key players who would go on to play important roles in their future success. This included Jose Altuve who would go on to become one of their best players ever.

Recent Success

In recent years, the Astros have experienced a great deal of success on the field. In 2017, they won their first ever World Series championship, defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers in seven games. They followed that up with another successful season in 2018, making it to the ALCS before falling to the Boston Red Sox.


The Houston Astros have had a long and storied history that has been marked by both struggles and successes. From their early years of futility to their recent success on the field, this team has remained an important part of Major League Baseball. With a roster filled with talented young players like Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman, it seems likely that their success will continue for years to come.

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