How To Get From London To Paris By Train

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Although many will choose an airline for their travel plans, it is not the only option for traveling from London to Paris. There is another option that provides a wonderful traveling experience while also supporting sustainable, green travel. Trains are notably the most practical way to travel between the two magnificent cities. Besides the comfortable seats and simple check-in procedures, traveling by train allows you to enjoy the lovely French and British countryside views. Your train trip also offers you a journey through the famous la Manche tunnel. A trip by train can create a memorable and appealing experience for your London to Paris journey. If you are looking for tips on how to travel from London to Paris by train, read on to learn how.

London to Paris by Train

The quickest and most direct connection between London to Paris by train is by Eurostar. On the fast, high-speed Eurostar, the train ride from the English capital to Paris often lasts approximately 2 hours and 22 minutes, moving at a 320km/hr speed.

There are over 12 departure times offered daily to allow for any traveler’s schedule. You will also enjoy excellent onboard amenities once you board the train. During your ride, you can enjoy the roomy seats and ample luggage space while enjoying your favorite snacks from the cafe.

How To Book Your Train Ticket

You can book your departure ticket right in the center of London at St. Pancras station. There is also an online version where you can download the Eurostar app or book on the online website


If you purchase it online or in the app, you will receive a notification and the link to ‘Get Your Ticket.’ Remember to include your contact details for communications. After obtaining your mobile ticket, you can store it in your digital wallet application. You can either print the ticket at home or at the Pancras station. 

All About the Train Ride

After checking in, you board a sleek e300 or e320 Eurostar train. The train offers comfort and excellent onboard features like Free Wi-Fi, power outlets, cozy seats, and a café bar. For an even better experience, you may also consider upgrading to Business Premier or Standard Premier. These upgrades provide additional benefits like complimentary beverages and food. 


Your train ride will take you through beautiful landscapes and scenery. However, the most notable attraction is the 31-mile underwater channel, famously known as La Manche Chunnel. The quick-speed Eurostar train takes about 35 minutes through the Chunnel at 160km/h.

The Eurostar train arrives right in the center of the French capital, where you can start your city excursion immediately. Metro and RER trains are available nearby to aid your Paris adventure.

All passport checks are completed in London before you commence your journey. So, you can get into your travel plans right away!

Cost of Traveling from London to Paris by Train

A one-way ticket on the Eurostar train cost approximately €30 and can go up to €300. These prices may fluctuate depending on the dates you book your journey, how far in advance you book them, your chosen seat, and the number of available seats.


There are three ticket classes to book: Standard Class, Standard Premier, and Business Premier. Higher-class seats typically provide more amenities during your travel and have a higher price tag. 

All classes provide cozy seats, access to food and drinks, and space for two luggage pieces per passenger. The Business Premier ticket allows up to 3 slots for your luggage.

If you are looking for the best prices when booking your train ticket, consider booking your travel plans well in advance and choosing less popular travel dates. 

Green Travel Tips: London to Paris by Train

Despite the many advantages, travel still contributes to the world’s carbon emissions, and it will increase yearly, given the surge in travel. Unmindful travel habits cause issues for neighborhood communities and businesses. As a result, green travel has emerged as a new kind of travel to help protect the environment and communities worldwide.


 So, what are the green tips for travel from London to Paris by train?

  • Use Public Transport More: The first step in eco-friendly travel is to avoid taking domestic flights altogether. Although flying is frequently the quickest and least expensive choice, it is an environmentally unfriendly mode of transportation. Taking the train if you are traveling inside Europe or locations the train can reach is advisable.
  • Use Digital Tickets Instead: You could reduce the amount of paper you use throughout your travel if they offer digital tickets for your route.
  • Invest in Travel Mugs: Buying a to-go coffee cup is another option to stop using pointless paper and plastic. While it’s true that you might prefer getting coffee to go, switching to a flask or travel cup is an excellent method to reduce waste.

Pros and Cons of Traveling from London to Paris by Train

Train travel has been increasing in popularity over recent years. Many people choose train travel over flying for various reasons. However, depending on your situation, train travel may not always be the best option. 



  • Trains are eco-friendly: Those concerned about environmentally responsible travel prefer trains as they emit less CO2 to the environment than planes and other modes of transportation from London to Paris. 
  • The Sights and Scenery: One of its most significant benefits is the incredible sights while traveling by train. Along the way, you’ll pass through verdant forests, pristine lakes, mountains, isolated settlements, and stunning natural features.
  • Travel Amenities: Eurostar offers many amenities to its travelers. The luxurious seating, food options, and other accommodations make traveling by train more pleasant than other options. 
  • The Heart of Paris: One of the greatest perks of traveling to Paris from London by train is that you will arrive right in the heart of Paris. This eliminates the need to get a ride from an airport to your destination. 


  • Length of Travel: Traveling London to Paris by train typically lasts about 2 and a half hours, while a flight will likely only take an hour of your time. A flight may be a better option for some individuals who prefer less travel time.
  • Expense: It is possible to find affordable rail travel. However, train travel can be costly when comparing a flight from London to Paris. Consider that prices may vary depending on the time of year and how early you book your travel plans.