What You Should Know Before Booking a Fred Olsen Cruise from Liverpool

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines offers a wide variety of cruises from Liverpool, England. Whether you’re looking for a short getaway or a longer adventure, there are plenty of options to choose from. Before you book your cruise, here’s what you should know.

Cruise Duration

The duration of your cruise will depend on the itinerary you choose. Fred Olsen offers cruises ranging from two nights to two weeks in length. If you’re looking for a short getaway, consider one of the two-night cruises that depart on Fridays and return on Sundays. For longer trips, there are seven-night and 14-night cruises that visit multiple ports of call.


Fred Olsen cruises from Liverpool visit destinations all over the world. Popular destinations include the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Northern Europe, and the Canary Islands. Depending on the itinerary you choose, you could be visiting cities like Barcelona, Rome, or Amsterdam; or relaxing on beaches in the Caribbean or Mediterranean.

Onboard Amenities

Fred Olsen ships offer plenty of onboard amenities to keep passengers entertained during their voyage. There are multiple restaurants and bars to choose from; as well as lounges and clubs for socializing with other passengers. The ships also feature pools and hot tubs; spas; fitness centers; and entertainment such as live music and shows.

No matter what type of cruise experience you’re looking for, Fred Olsen has something to offer from Liverpool. With so many options available, it’s easy to find a cruise that fits your budget and interests. Be sure to do your research before booking so that you can have an enjoyable and stress-free vacation.

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