Making a Difference: How Doodles Dogs Rescue is Helping Homeless Pups

Every day, thousands of dogs are left homeless and without a loving family to care for them. Fortunately, there are organizations like Doodles Dogs Rescue that are dedicated to helping these animals find their forever homes. Founded in 2018, Doodles Dogs Rescue is a non-profit organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes dogs in need. Here’s how they’re making a difference in the lives of homeless pups.

Rescuing Dogs in Need

Doodles Dogs Rescue works with animal shelters and other rescue organizations to identify dogs that need help. They focus on rescuing dogs that have been overlooked or have special needs, such as those with medical conditions or behavioral issues. Once they’ve identified a dog in need, they work to get them out of the shelter and into a foster home where they can receive the care and attention they need.

Providing Medical Care and Rehabilitation

Once the dogs are in foster care, Doodles Dogs Rescue provides them with any necessary medical care and treatment. This includes vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries, dental work, and more. They also provide behavioral rehabilitation for dogs who have been through traumatic experiences or have difficulty adjusting to new environments. This helps ensure that the dogs are healthy and happy before being placed into their forever homes.

Finding Forever Homes


The ultimate goal of Doodles Dogs Rescue is to find loving forever homes for all of their rescued pups. To do this, they carefully screen potential adopters to make sure they’re ready for the responsibility of owning a dog. They also provide adopters with resources such as training classes and behavior support to ensure that their new pup will be well taken care of for years to come.

At Doodles Dogs Rescue, their mission is simple: “to save as many lives as possible by finding loving homes for homeless pups”. Through their hard work and dedication, they’re making a real difference in the lives of these animals – one pup at a time.


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