An Overview of the Dover to Ostend Ferry Crossing: What You Need to Know

The Dover to Ostend ferry crossing is one of the most popular routes in Europe, connecting England and Belgium. It is a great way to travel between these two countries, with a journey time of just over two hours. This article will provide an overview of the ferry crossing, including what you need to know before making the journey.

Travel Time and Cost

The Dover to Ostend ferry crossing takes around two hours and fifteen minutes, depending on the weather and sea conditions. The cost of a single ticket varies depending on the time of year, but typically ranges from £30-£50 for an adult ticket. There are also discounts available for children and seniors. It is important to book your tickets in advance as they can become more expensive closer to the date of travel.

Onboard Facilities

The ferry crossing is operated by P&O Ferries, who offer a range of onboard facilities for passengers. These include restaurants, bars, shops and entertainment areas. There are also comfortable cabins available for those who wish to take a nap during the journey. Passengers can also take advantage of free Wi-Fi throughout the voyage.

Safety Precautions


Safety is always a priority when travelling by ferry, so it is important that passengers follow all instructions given by crew members during their journey. All passengers must wear life jackets at all times while on board and must remain seated during rough seas or bad weather conditions. It is also important that passengers do not leave any items unattended or unsecured while travelling as this could pose a safety risk for other passengers or crew members.

Overall, the Dover to Ostend ferry crossing is an easy and convenient way to travel between England and Belgium. With its short journey time and onboard facilities, it makes for a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all passengers. However, it is important that all safety precautions are followed during the voyage in order to ensure everyone’s safety onboard.


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