Planning Ahead: How to Secure an Early Check-In at a Hotel

When you’re planning a vacation, the last thing you want to do is wait around for hours at the hotel before you can check-in. To avoid this, many travelers choose to request an early check-in when they book their hotel room. Here are some tips on how to secure an early check-in at a hotel.

Call Ahead

The best way to ensure an early check-in is to call the hotel directly and ask if it’s possible. Most hotels will be able to accommodate your request if they have availability. If you’re booking your room online, make sure to include a note in the comments section that you’d like an early check-in.

Book Early

If you’re looking for an early check-in, it’s best to book your room as far in advance as possible. This will give the hotel staff plenty of time to prepare your room and make sure it’s ready for you when you arrive. It also gives them more time to find another room if yours isn’t available yet.

Check Policies

Before booking your room, make sure to read the hotel’s policies on early check-ins. Some hotels may charge extra fees for early check-ins or require that you book a certain type of room in order to get one. Knowing these policies ahead of time can help ensure that your request is granted and that there are no surprises when it comes time to pay your bill.

Securing an early check-in at a hotel doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful if you plan ahead and follow these tips. By calling ahead, booking early, and checking the policies, you can ensure that your vacation starts off on the right foot with a hassle-free check-in experience.

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