Treehouses You Can Stay In Close to the Amazon River

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For the adventurous traveler, staying at a treehouse in the Amazon can be bliss. The Amazon Basin is home to a few of these beautiful wonders that are perched high up in the rainforest and offer an experience unlike any other. This travel guide rounds up several treehouses you can stay in that are close to the Amazon River. Discover what makes each of these lodgings unique, and start daydreaming about your next tropical trip.

Dos Ramas

The view of the Amazon river from the Dos Ramas treehouse is breathtaking. At 48 feet off the ground, this aerial lodging has a towering view of the jungle and a graceful dining area. It’s also the treehouse you want to reserve when the river has high water because it will give you a delightful view of the flooded lagoon below.

This one-bedroom treehouse is nestled between branches and gives you the experience of being one with nature. Dos Ramas can host a maximum of three guests, and booking the tree house gets you access to a personal tour guide and multiple trips around the area.

Treehouse Refuge

Treehouse Refuge lives up to its name as a serene refuge from the hustle of urban living. This 7-meters-up getaway allows you to experience the unadulterated tranquility of the verdant forests of the Amazon. 


Take a jungle walk around the vicinity of your Peruvian treehouse while watching monkeys and birds. Rock in a hammock or enjoy a paid adventure around the forest just for the thrill of being in the wild.

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Casa Grande

Casa Grande is Spanish for “big house,” and this next tree lodge is all that and more. Tucked between leafy branches, Casa Grande accommodates five guests and possibly two more upon request.


The size and comfort of this lodge aren’t the only things that give it its grandeur. Casa Grande is also home to some of the most expansive and spectacular scenery of the entire Amazon Rainforest.

Altar Inca Treehouse

Tucked away in lush greenery is the Altar Inca treehouse. This pristine destination features a small one-bedroom lodge with an incredible panoramic view. The Altar Inca Treehouse is the kind of lodge you want to visit when your perfect idea of a vacation is maximum relaxation.


Within the Altar Inca treehouse’s vicinity, you’ll find a shared pool, a bar, and a restaurant. However, what might be most impressive about this treetop paradise is that you can get cooking lessons on your favorite dish from the host chef. You can pick out a dish, and they can teach you how to make it. This fancy treat comes at an additional cost, but it’s worth it considering you even get a souvenir apron and a certificate to prove that you’re qualified to cook. 

Treehouse Inn

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If you want to support sustainable ecotourism, Treehouse Inn is the Peruvian treehouse for you. The three treehouses at the inn property are staffed exclusively by local residents of the Peruvian rainforest. By hiring in this way, the company that operates the inn aims to link the well-being of the environment with the well-being of the community. By nurturing appreciation and respect for the Amazon Rainforest, the inn supports a future where the environment can continue to support a livelihoods for locals.

The inn’s unique treehouses are situated on a family reserve inside Manu National Park. You — and whoever else may be lodging at the inn — will have exclusive access to the reserve, and you’ll get the opportunity to explore the area with a guide on one of the jungle tours they offer. Expect tranquility and the thrill of spotting animals in the wild right from your treehouse window. 

The Cradle

If you want to stay at the very top of the Amazon jungle, book a stay at The Cradle. This impressive structure sits 91 feet above the ground, which is almost like living on the seventh floor of a building in the middle of the jungle.


This rainforest skyscraper is right at the heart of the forest. The Cradle is a serene lodge offering visitors nothing but the best views of the Amazon and all its glory. It can accommodate three people at a time, and a fourth person can stay when guests request it.

The Cocahimba Treehouse

If you’re looking for a secluded getaway with breathtaking views, reserve the Treehouse in Cocachimba. This lovely jungle treehouse is located in a private canyon surrounded by walking trails, which allow birdwatchers to spot exquisite avian species in all their glory. Adding to the serenity of this Peruvian treehouse, you’ll discover a beautiful private waterfall tucked inside the canyon’s steep cliffs.

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Costa Bella

If you’re looking for a quiet, tree-high getaway, you’ll find it in Costa Bella. This tree-top cottage rests on the banks of the Amazon River and has a private balcony. You can sit on this balcony, sipping your favorite drink while reading a book or taking in the fishing activity below. At 52 feet above the ground, Costa Bella gives you tranquillity and solitude in nature’s embrace. The treehouse can host three guests and is best for people who want a peaceful place to escape from daily life.

A visit to the Amazon River can be thrilling, especially if you choose to stay at one of the treehouses in the area. These tree-top cottages give you the best view of the river, the forest, its people, and even the animals in the area. If you’re considering an Amazonian adventure, why not spend some time in one of Peru’s many treehouses?