The Ultimate Guide to Monthly Rentals in Costa Rica: Everything You Need to Know

Costa Rica is a beautiful country known for its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant culture. It’s no wonder that many people choose to visit and even live in this tropical paradise. If you’re considering an extended stay in Costa Rica, monthly rentals can be a great option. In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about monthly rentals in Costa Rica.

Finding the Perfect Monthly Rental

When searching for a monthly rental in Costa Rica, it’s important to consider your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a beachfront villa or a cozy mountain retreat, there are plenty of options available. Start by determining your budget and the desired location. From there, you can begin your search online or enlist the help of a real estate agent who specializes in long-term rentals.

One popular website for finding monthly rentals in Costa Rica is Airbnb. This platform allows property owners to list their homes or apartments for rent on a short-term or long-term basis. It offers a wide range of options across different price ranges and locations throughout the country. Additionally, websites like VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) and HomeAway can also be useful resources.

Factors to Consider

Before committing to a monthly rental in Costa Rica, there are several factors you should consider. First and foremost is the cost of living in the area where you plan to stay. While some regions may have lower rental prices than others, they may also have higher costs for groceries, transportation, and other daily expenses.

Another important factor is safety. Research the neighborhood where the rental property is located and check if it has adequate security measures such as gated communities or security guards.


Additionally, take into account amenities that are important to you such as proximity to grocery stores, restaurants, medical facilities, and public transportation options. Consider whether you prefer a furnished or unfurnished rental, and if utilities such as internet, water, and electricity are included in the monthly rent.

Legal Considerations

When renting a property in Costa Rica, it’s crucial to be aware of the legal considerations. Make sure to thoroughly read and understand the rental agreement before signing anything. If you’re unsure about any clauses or terms in the agreement, consult with a lawyer who specializes in real estate.

It’s also important to know your rights as a tenant. Familiarize yourself with Costa Rican rental laws and regulations to ensure that you are protected throughout your stay. Keep copies of all documentation related to the rental agreement, including receipts for payments made.


Making the Most of Your Monthly Rental Experience

Once you’ve found the perfect monthly rental in Costa Rica and settled into your new home away from home, it’s time to make the most of your experience. Immerse yourself in the local culture by trying traditional cuisine, attending festivals and events, and exploring nearby attractions.

Take advantage of all that Costa Rica has to offer by engaging in outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking through rainforests, or zip-lining across breathtaking canopies. Connect with fellow expats or locals through social groups or language exchanges to enhance your experience and make lasting connections.



Monthly rentals in Costa Rica offer a convenient and flexible way to enjoy an extended stay in this tropical paradise. By considering factors such as location, cost of living, safety measures, amenities, legal considerations, and making the most of your experience once settled in, you can ensure a memorable and enjoyable stay in this beautiful country. So start planning your monthly rental adventure today.

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